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Babes Against Bullshit: Racist Fans Who Don’t Understand The Idea Of Diversity – Why This Needs To be Addressed

Racist fans are quite literally the WORST! They don’t understand why a writer would change a well-known character from being white to black or why a person of colour has a role amongst a largely Caucasian cast of individuals. Diversity is key to the success many fandoms have. So, why are racists so determined to …

Where is Kate?

Batwoman: Season 2 Will Dive Into The “Where Is Kate?” Mystery

Season 2 of Batwoman already has so much going on, but one of the biggest mysteries will be “Where is Kate?” DC Fandome is back and we’re learning bits and pieces about what is happening with Batwoman Season 2. The main mystery will be Where is Kate? and it’s going to be DRAMATIC. After a …