The Cast Of Supergirl Past And Present Say Goodbye To The Girl Of Steel


It’s difficult to say goodbye to a character you’ve played for years. The cast of Supergirl said their farewells during DC FanDome. Moreover, the cast spoke about their top moments from their time on the show. The official DC YouTube channel posted the complete conversation.

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The Supergirl cast has such great chemistry and bounces off each other well. What caught our attention was their vivid memories from their time on the show.

David Harewood’s Unexpected Casting And Chris Wood’s Favourite “Stunt”

When David Harewood was cast originally, he was only playing Hank Henshaw, not J’onn J’onnz/ Martian Manhunter. However, the situation changed over time, and he had to adapt to playing a character outside of the one he was cast to be. He also said he loved the scene of Staz (William) and Melissa singing Africa.

Meanwhile, Chris Wood, who played Mon-El (and is now Melissa’s Benoist’s husband), said his favourite “stunt” was the one where he had to eat a stack of ten pancakes in a scene from Season 2. Later in the conversation, Jesse Rath (Brainiac 5) said that he tried to outdo the stunt but was told Chris had already beaten him.

Chyler’s Comic Con Memory And David Forgot His Lines

Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers) said her favourite memory was when the cast was at a comic con, and a family approached her and thanked her for the portrayal of a mixed family. She remembered that the parents had one biological child and a second who was adopted. It stuck with her because you don’t see a lot of mixed families like the Danvers family with a combination of biological and adopted kids on screen.

Finally, another member of the cast (we forget who) said they loved it when David was directing and forgot his lines. Furthermore, this was because he was doing two jobs at once. In conclusion, this occurred when he was the first person in a scene to speak.

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