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The Bold And The Beautiful: Carter Needs To Forget About Zoe!


Forget Zoe, Carter!

Throwing Zoe at Carter like Steffy and Hope are flung at Liam time and time again is getting annoying. We ADORE the Forrester Creations COO in case you can’t tell. He’s sweet, he’s incredibly sexy and he has a huge heart. But, if this week’s promo is anything to go by, he will do everything but forget the woman who jilted him. There is going to be a pash but how far will it go?

Since Zoe arrived in Los Angeles, she has schemed to get everything she wants. She lost her British accent due to a bet she made with ex-boyfriend, Xander. Not to mention, she has used sex to get what she thinks she deserves and let’s not forget that she threatened Flo and Xander if they didn’t keep their mouths shut about Beth being alive.

Carter has known heartbreak before with Maya and he thought Zoe was ‘the one’ for him and was excited to marry her, unaware that she was flirting with Zende. While nothing happened between them, it still hurt him. Every sane person knows if you’re engaged to someone, you don’t flirt with someone else. If you’re struggling, you talk to your partner, not sink your hooks into someone else and see if the situation disappears.

The COO of Forrester Creations needs someone who appreciates him and won’t look at another guy. Carter has a huge heart and does not deserve to play second fiddle to another man who is just a pawn in Zoe’s twisted game of stringing people along. She has done this before and was dumb to fall for Thomas’ façade of wanting to marry her. Finally, she blames her experience with men for her choices. Irk!

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