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WandaVision: What Is Going On With Monica And Carol?


Monica’s godmother, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel got a mentioned in this week’s WandaVision. However, Captain Rambeau refused to talk about her. Question is why…

Lieutenant Trouble, Monica Rambeau has become a large part of WanaVision. However, bits of her past as the goddaughter of Captain Marvel herself, Carol Danvers have started to become known. Outside of we saw of her as a child, we know nothing about their relationship now that she’s an adult. Though, we might have gotten a hint of it in this week’s episode.

During a conversation with Woo and Darcy, Carol [as Captain Marvel] is referenced but Monica’s reaction isn’t what we expected it to be. This had us asking two questions. What happened and why is she refusing to talk about the woman who was a second mother to her?

Going back to the scene in question, it’s obvious something went down to make Monica change the subject. What’s also a telling sign of this was the look Woo and Darcy exchanged after the astrophysicist mentioned that Captain Marvel’s powers came from an Infinity Stone just like Wanda’s did.

Though, what could have happened in the time after Captain Marvel and WandaVision for Monica to respond to the mention of Carol the way she did?


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Our guess (which we’re taking with a massive grain of salt) is that Carol basically abandoned Monica and by extension, Maria. However, we don’t think Danvers did it intentionally. For all we know, time in space is different to Earth.

We know Carol was busy in protecting the galaxy in the 25-ish years since the events of Captain Marvel. That was the whole reason she didn’t show up in Avengers: Infinity War to help in the fight against Thanos. We only get the hint of her pending arrival in the post-credit scene when Fury is blipped and her symbol comes up on his discarded pager.

For some reason, we’ve always gotten the vibe that Carol never went back to see Maria and Monica after she left at the end of Captain Marvel. Why this is the feeling we had, we’re not entirely sure. Going back to the post-credit scene from the same film, we see her arrive at what looks like Avengers Headquarters where the pager is being analysed. Apparently, no one knows what it is.

Carol then asks where [Nick] Fury is. She doesn’t mention the Rambeaus. This is because the SOS came from the pager set up in the film that he was to use to call only in emergencies. Going back to Monica and Maria, we don’t know what was going on with them prior to the snap.

Narrowing Down Rambeau Movements

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From what WandaVision reveals, Maria ends up with cancer and goes through surgery but then it returns and she dies in the second year of the blip. However, Monica wasn’t there to say goodbye.

We also know that in the years between Captain Marvel and WandaVision, Maria founded S.W.O.R.D and served as the director until her death. Because Monica wasn’t there, she wasn’t able to take over from her mother which is why Tyler Hayward is the acting director.

However, we don’t know what Carol was doing between those events. We know she wasn’t blipped as she was a member of Natasha’s group of Avengers. Whether she had contact Maria and/or Monica during the intervening years is still up in the air.

As for Monica, we know she worked through the ranks of S.W.O.R.D. to get where she is now.

Theories Surrounding What Happened With Carol

mentioned; carol
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Now, we need to question what happened between Carol and Monica. There is a number a theories that we’ve found on Meaww that we thought we’d go over. We also have a few of our own we wanted to cover.


The first theory posted on Meaww’s article via a tweet was the possibility of Carol betraying Monica in some way. Honestly, we don’t see this happening. Captain Marvel is not the the type of person to betray those she cares for.

Though, we suspect there might’ve been a falling out, which brings us to theory two.

Falling Out?

Another theory Meaww found via Twitter had was what if there was a falling out between Carol and Maria before she died. We can see this happening for a couple of reasons.

  1. Carol didn’t approve of Maria starting S.W.O.R.D.
  2. Maria grew tired of Carol not being around.
  3. Monica gre resentful of Carol not keeping her promise to be there for her as seen at the end of Captain Marvel.

“Don’t Invoke Her Name.”

In Spider-Man Far From Home which is set several months after WandaVision, the Skrull Talos whom befriended the Rambeaus and Carol took the appearance of Nick Fury, the former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. In a tweet posted in the Meaww article linked above, the tweet owner mentioned the line, “Don’t invoke her name” when Peter mentions Captain Marvel.

At the time, we naturally assumed he meant something along the lines of ‘don’t upset her’. However, given that Jimmy Woo wrote the Skrulls as a possible enemy. Perhaps, the ally Skrulls and Carol have had a falling out and this lead to a disagreement with the Rambeaus.

Something To Do With Nick Fury?

Now, this theory is one we came up with.

We know that Carol and the Rambeaus became good friends with S.H.I.E.L.D. director, Nick Fury. In the post-credit scene in Captain Marvel, when Carol arrives at Avengers HQ asking about him since she he had gotten his SOS pager message.

Perhaps prior to this, the Rambeaus had a disagreement with him and then Carol backed him up instead of them. Going back to WandaVision, despite being blipped, Monica never forgot this and hastily changed the subject when Woo and Darcy bought her godmother’s name up.

Will Monica’s Beef With Carol Be Addressed Again?

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To wrap this post up, we need to ask whether Monica’s conflict with Carol will be bought up again. It most likely will be but it probably won’t be addressed in WandaVision as the focus is Wanda. Though, it may be a plot point in the upcoming Captain Marvel 2.

We know Monica will be in the film alongside Carol but also, they’ll have newbie, Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel as the potential buffer. Though, we could have returning heroes like Fury and Talos as well. However, they might not be in the film given the release of the upcoming series, Secret Invasion.

Whatever happens with Monica and Carol, we hope they make up. They’re too friendly to be feuding.

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