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Home And Away: Christian’s Career Comes Into Question When Another Patient Dies


Lewis wants to end Christian’s career so he’s killing patients…

Christian’s career is in peril thanks to Lewis. The nurse is hellbent on destroying the surgeon’s reputation because of his wife, Anna’s death. Not to mention, Tori and Jasmine are both in the middle, despite standing by their men. It’s difficult for them to get involved because of everything they’ve through themselves in regards to Baby Grace.

Earlier this week (or last week), we spoke about a theory regarding how Lewis could’ve killed Anna and blamed Christian. Now, we know he is killing people because he tried to do the same thing to Ari when he was in his coma. In his sick twisted mind, Tane’s brother and Nikau’s uncle wasn’t going to wake up. When he did, however, the nurse was shocked. While it was evident to the audience, it was covered over in regards to Tori and Jasmine. Also, Mia walked into the room before he could do anything.

Now, things going to reach a head when Christian confronts Lewis and punches him in the face as per a recent promo for next week. Tori already has enough going on as her brother, Justin and sister-in-law Leah have been dupped out of their first home by conwoman Susie. Now, her fiancée is being blamed for deaths that he had nothing to do with.

What makes the whole thing so exhilarating to watch is how the whole is being handled from a behind-the-scenes perspective. It’s putting all the energy into the Chloe/Ryder love story, Ari’s accident, Susie’s scam before the whole thing becomes an event bigger than life itself.

Will Christian’s career survive and will Lewis be caught before he causes a Summer Bay favourite to die? Also, what will Jasmine say when she discovers her boyfriend is evil? Only time will tell.

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