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Home And Away: Four Lives On The Line In Mid-Season Finale

The Mid-Season Finale Ends With A Car Crash…

The Olympic Cliffhanger for Home and Away was a car crash that puts four lives at risk. Dean and Mia go to retrieve Nikau after he is stranded at a closed motel. On the way back to the Bay, they end up in an accident after Dean swerves to avoid a kangaroo. The car ends up rolling multiple times before a door is thrown off in the chaos Nik is thrown from the car too while Mia and Dean are trapped and unconscious.

The fourth life that we mentioned is Mia and Ari’s unborn daughter, Sophia. According to Back to the Bay, the actors who play Nikau, Dean, and Mia have been seen around set so they’ll end up being okay in the end, however, because there was no promo for what’s next, we don’t know the outcome for the baby. We know Mia isn’t very far along in her pregnancy, but she’s far enough to be able to tell the gender of the baby.

Nikau ending up where he was is a direct result of his actions regarding Sienna, hence cheating on Bella. He has also had fights with his uncles over not staying away from his ex. After all, Cash crash tackled him and threatened to arrest him if he didn’t stay away from his still struggling former girlfriend.

In all honesty, Nikau deserves the treatment his family is giving him. Yes, he messed up, but he can’t force Bella to take him back. She has rights too and she had every right to refuse to kiss him when he tried to. He might claim to love her but where was the love when he thought she was cheating on him. He clearly doesn’t know her well enough to know she would NEVER do that.

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