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Superman & Lois: Captain Luthor Was Married To The Lois Lane On His Earth

Captain Luthor

The past of Superman & Lois villain Captain Luthor has started to become evident and we learned this week that he was married to a version of Lois pre-Crisis…

Captain Luthor really hates Clark. On his Earth, pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kal-El/Superman was evil who killed Sam Lane. While not confirmed, this was father-in-law. Wait, what? Yeah, that’s right. The villain of Superman & Lois was married to his Earth’s version of Lois Lane. We did NOT see that one coming.

According to Captain Luthor, his wife and the Lois of Earth-Prime are exactly the same except the one who is alive is married to someone else. He poses as a journalist who has information on Morgan Edge whom the former Daily Planet heavy weight has been investigating. He basically stalks her until he comes he comes face-to-face with her. At first it’s unclear as to why he wants to see her, but we get a flashback to his past and discover why.

One of the great things about the interaction between Earth-Prime Lois and Captain Luthor is she mentions Lex Luthor and how similar he is to Morgan Edge. Now, it would not surprise us if this dude is another Earth’s Lex who isn’t actually evil. He appears to be paranoid and misguided rather than an egomaniac with a god complex.

It’s understandable as to why Captain Luthor hates his Earth’s Superman but to hate ALL versions of him? Sounds eerie similar to his Earth-Prime counterpart who is xenophobic towards every alien known to man.

In various storylines in the comics, Lex and Lois were married. If Captain Luthor does turn out to be another Lex then it’s likely that his Earth was parallel to Earth-Prime.

How Can Two Lex Luthors Exists When Two Beth Kanes Couldn’t?

Before we sign off from this post, we wanted to address something has occurred on Batwoman. During Season 1, post-Crisis, a misplaced version of Beth Kane who never became Alice popped up on Earth-Prime while co-existing with her twisted doppelgänger. This ended up being torture for the two of them because only one could exist at a time.

This brings us to Superman & Lois. If the Stranger is another Earth’s Lex, how can he exist alongside Earth-Prime’s Lex? Yes, the look very different but they share a name. Is there an unspoken rule where doppelgängers can look different but share a name? If that’s the case, then where does that put Henry Allen and Jay Garrick in which the situation is the opposite? They share the same look but have different names.

In the original multiverse, Jay was Henry’s doppelgänger from Earth-3. Same applies with his wife, Joan shared her appearance with the late Nora Allen of Earth-1.

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