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Jurassic Films Not Essential Viewing When Watching Camp Cretaceous

Camp Cretaceous

If you’re not a fan of the Jurassic Park and/or Jurassic World movies or never seen them, but wanna get into the animated series, Camp Cretaceous on Netflix, you’re in luck. The films are not essential viewing.

We never thought we would be interested in the Jurassic Park franchise. Let’s just say, we got bored and decided to watch Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous to see what it’s like. For those wondering what it is, let’s dive into the post.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is set during the events of the first Jurassic World movie but on another side of the island. This is why several characters including Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) and her nephews, Gray and Zach are mentioned during the series but not shown.

Claire, Gray and Zach are not the only characters from the overall Jurassic franchise. Simon Masrani is referenced in name only while geneticist Doctor Henry Wu who appeared in the original film and the Jurassic World movies appears in the series.

What makes this series special is that it is not told from the perspective of adults. The kids of Camp Cretaceous are different for a reason. While they can’t all be leaders, their skills is what makes them unique as a unit.

Let’s takes a look at who these kids are, shall we?

Darius Bowman

[Credit: Jurassic Park Fandom]

The leader of the band of kids is Daris Bowman, a dinosaur enthusiast whose dream was to share the adventures of Jurassic World with his father.

However, when his dad dies, Darius is given the opportunity to fulfil the dream his father had for him and is recruited to join the first group of Camp Cretaceous campers.

Given his love of dinosaurs, he comes into conflict on multiple occasions with fellow camper, Kenji Kon who sees himself as the leader of the campers. However, after saving each other from the claws of Toro, they begin to respect each other.

Darius and fellow camper, Brooklynn didn’t get along at first given how different they are but begin bonding when they end up trapped in quicksand.

Kenji Kon

[Credit: Jurassic Park Fandom]

Self-entitled given his VIP status, Kenji Kon is the son of a rich father who doesn’t have a lot of time for him. He gives off the vibe that he is the alpha with a larger than life personality. In reality, he is just looking for friends as he feels lonely given his dad’s constant absence.

Kenji often clashes with Darius comes to respect him when they go toe-to-toe with Toro and live to tell the story. He also is unhappy with the idea that he has all the luxuries in the world and he still cannot find it in his heart to be happy with what he has.


[Credit: Broads.Fireden]

Despite having been invited to Camp Cretaceous, Brooklynn does not like dinosaurs in the way Darius adores them. She only joined the camp for content for social media. Her phone is her lifeline that she cannot live without. With 27million followers on her socials, you would think she would be happy, right?

Well, Brooklynn hates comments that view her in a negative light. One example of this is when her fans were not happy with not seeing more Camp Cretaceous content. She is also very quick to get angry. She lashes out at Sammy for taking her phone but is quick to forgive her.

Ben Pincus

Camp Cretaceous
[Credit: Los Angeles Times]

Ben might not be the bravest camper, but he has a huge heart. He adopts a baby dinosaur he calls Bumpy due to her irregular horns. Despite being scared all the time, he has also has a phobia to germs and is seen to use a load of sanitiser. Going to Camp Cretaceous is a meant to help him conquer his fears.

During his time as a camper, he grows more confident within himself but meets an untimely end when he falls from the monorail. During a scene in the finale, it is revealed be survived his fall.

Yasmina Fadoula

[Credit: ScreenRant]

Yaz is an athlete who uses her sarcasm and gruff personality to appear tough. However, this has given her the less than ideal way to live life; in solitude. Her sponsor supports anything going with Jurassic World as a whole which how she ended up at the camp.

As time wears on, Yasmina begins to realise that there is more to living her life alone. She learns what it means to have friends and comes to value them. This becomes apparent when the teenagers witness Ben’s supposed death when he falls from the monorail.

Sammy Gutierrez

Camp Cretaceous
[Credit: Jurassic Park Fandom]

Sammy is a camper who arrives at Camp Cretaceous on a lie. When she meets the other teenagers, she claims her family supplies the beef that is used on the island as dino food. However, she is actually a spy for Mantah Corp who have been threatening her family.

She is a huge fan of Brooklynn and is a ‘Brooklander’. Sammy takes her idol’s phone when she discovers that she’s been taking DNA from one of the dinosaurs. Like the other campers, she is shown to be distressed when Ben is believed to have died after he falls from the monorail.

Season 2

Camp Cretaceous Season 2 is due to air in January 2021. We’ll be covering the season, so be sure follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @cjhawk93 for updates.

Season 1 is available in full on Netflix.

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