The BYE Sister Scandal: The Beauty YouTube Community Is At Risk Of Collapse!

God! The BYE sister scandal has just exploded AGAIN! We never covered it because it wasn’t of our interest. However, now given that the whole situation has resurfaced, we need to talk about the potential idea of the beauty community on YouTube being on the brink of collapse.

What is wrong with the bigwigs of the YouTube beauty community?! This time last year, there was a huge feud between Tati Westbrook and James Charles over vitamins. Yeah, you read that right. However, there was so much more going where the youngest of the two was accused of being a sexual predator. That is how the whole BYE Sister scandal occurred in a nutshell. But new information has come to light where Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have attacked the young makeup guru.

Tati has come out with a new video explaining her side of the story. She explains how Star and Dawson manipulated her to start the ‘BYE Sister’ scandal. She has apologised to her protégé privately and they now buddy-buddy once more. Cool beans, right? Well, Shane reacted to her video and called her a ‘liar’.

There are now lawyers involved and the whole thing is just tearing up the beauty community. Not all influencers are bad and stay in their lane, there are those who use their fame and money to defame people.

We cannot forget to mention that Jeffree and Shane have been racist and a bunch of other things. We’ve already spoken about the whole thing where Shane and Jeffree were basically jealous of James Charles‘ very quick success.

Is BeautyTube Doomed Thanks To Star’s Behaviour?

BYE Sister
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We’re not in the position to judge anyone as the beauty community is not our platform. However we do watch a lot of commentary channels. What we cannot stress enough is that the top tier BeautyTubers have nothing better to do than to bitch.

Jeffree Star is a leech who will do anything to destroy his competition. While we don’t have all the tea, it’s obvious from what has been scattered over Twitter and the gossip sites. What takes this whole situation so cruel is the idea that this dude was respected by a lot of people. Do you really want to worship a guy who is racist, especially when the world is calling for the downing of white supremacy?

This blog is run by someone who is white and we stand for EVERYONE. We include every skin colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. Jeffree Star is a narcissist, hellbent on ruling a platform which will never truly be his.

We’ve seen videos by some Beauty YouTubers who are cutting their support for Star and Dawson. Good on them! Also, just because some has been on a platform for over 10 years, doesn’t mean they should be taken at face value. Look at some film producers for example. They’ve covered over crimes and their own disgusting behaviours by making people keep their innermost thoughts to themselves or risk being blacklisted.

Jeffree Star claims to have receipts on like every major BeautyTuber and bigwig in the industry and is basically blackmailing them into keeping quiet. So, yes, the BeautyTube community is doomed.

Shane Dawson: The Lapdog

[Credit: Twitter]

It is no secret that Shane Dawson is basically the OG YouTuber. He got his start on the platform when it began in 2005 and has grown his platform to amass 34.7 million subscribers across three channels. Meanwhile, his buddy Jeffree Star has only 18 million to his single channel.

While Shane has more experience in the YouTube world, he is basically Jeffree’s lapdog in wanting to destroy James Charles by claiming to have receipts on him. Don’t get us wrong, we have zero love for the kid but he does not deserve to be trashed by two grown men who are envious of his success.

Jeffree Star hates that he was trumped by a then-19-year-old kid in the subscriber numbers. He thought he would remain on top forever and basically rule the beauty community by looking down at his competitors as ants while he’s the big bad grasshopper.

We’re also NOT condoning Shane’s behaviour. He is a sick perverted dude who needs therapy desperately. We’re not here to create more drama. We’re just here to says that we DO NOT condone this type of behaviour from anyone and it doesn’t matter how much influence you have over someone. Every person should be respected and it should not matter how much fame you have because at the end of the day, you’re just another human being.

Shane might be the King of YouTube to most people, but everyone has a past and he’s certainly no saint. He’s done blackface, been sexually suggestive towards a poster of a then-11 year old girl (Willow Smith) whose mother (Jada Pinkett-Smith) and brother (Jaden Smith) called him out. Jeffree is equally as guilty and whoever allowed these guys to have platforms must have been on something.

What Happens Post-BYE Sister Scandal To The Beauty Community On YouTube?

[Credit: Healthline]

We thought the BYE Sister scandal was done and dusted but the last few weeks have shown us that dramas like this can return at anytime. It apparently doesn’t matter that there’s a pandemic. Anyway, once the whole thing dies down… again, what will happen to the beauty community?

It would be a good idea to dismantle the hierarchy. There should be no one at the topic of the food chain. This advice is probably going to go ignored, but whatevs. When YouTube started, it was just a platform where videos could be uploaded where people weren’t being paid or endorsed.

However, YouTube changed the rules and allowed monetisation. We’re not saying this is a bad thing. It’s great that social influencers can carve out their own careers, but there should be a rule where those who abuse the system and create controversial content should NOT be monetised.

Content should be monitored closely and while there are millions of uploads per day, there should be algorithms in place as videos are uploaded to detect the seedy stuff. It could look for all the bad stuff like mentions of abuse, assault, offensive language (ie racist slurs, derogatory slurs, etc) and prevent it from being uploaded.

While we doubt this will happen, the BYE Sister scandal has taught us a few things. The first point is that ‘higher powers’ of certain communities are hungry for money and fame and don’t care who they hurt. They want to topple their ‘competition’ in order to stay relevant.

Point number two is less obvious. People will believe anything if a creator has been on said platform for X amount of years. In the case of Shane Dawson, he’s basically royalty as he’s got 15 years experience.

Will There EVER Be Change?

We doubt much will change on YouTube. People will not be silenced if they’re outed for bad behaviour. They can apologise all they want but it will not change what they’ve said. The content is out there for the whole world to see regardless if it is taken down.

Creators need to be mindful with what they post. The video, social media post, etc might give them thousands of retweets or likes but it might come back and bite them. Look at what happened with Harley Sawyer. He posted awful things about women and black people years ago to Twitter and it got him fired from The Flash.

Unless YouTube want to risk getting into even more trouble like they did with the COPPA situation, they need to do something to protect their creators. The world is always changing, but there will always be things out there where someone is going to be offended.

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