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Bitsie Tulloch And Alex Garfin Give Superman & Lois Fans A Look Of Life On Set


What could be more awesome than a BTS look at Superman & Lois? DC FanDome gave its audience a look at the Kent Farmhouse with Bitsie Tulloch (Lois Lane) and Alex Garfin (Jordan Kent). The official DC YouTube channel posted the video from the event.

This BTS video goes to show what a great bond Bitsie and Alex have outside of playing mother and son on the show. It’s so fun to see them bounce off each other without having to be directed to do so.

Tulloch, Garfin, and Jordan Elsass (Jonathan Kent) and, of course, the Man of Steel himself, Tyler Hoechlin, served as presenters for the overall event. Elsass and Garfin did a presentation of their own while their onscreen parents introduced the farewell to Supergirl panel.

Going back to the BTS for Superman & Lois, we learn that Bitsie and Tyler both have their own drawers in the kitchen set, which Alex compared to a Freshman locker. Moreover, it was fun to see the actors in their natural habitat whilst being their charming awesome selves.

We want to point out that we love the idea of the staircase in the Kent Farmhouse leading to nowhere. Furthermore, it’s hilarious how Alex and Bitsie keep referring to the stairs of the “Great Beyond”. Moreover, this is why we love their sense of humour. Finally, we love Lois’ office being Martha’s old room.

Were Any Secrets Spilled For Season 2?

Unfortunately, there were no hints dropped for what happens in Season 2. Also, the video is only three minutes long, so there wasn’t a lot they could share. We’re sure there was more that got cut out for time. After all, the whole DC FanDome event was three and a half hours long. Fans would be up in arms since the second season has been in production a while, so to show nothing would’ve been foolhardy.

Also, Superman has always been one of the big drawing points in the DC Comics toybox. Moreover, people will watch it regardless.

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