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How Could Bruce Banner Appear In She-Hulk?


We’ve known for a while that Hulk himself, Bruce Banner would be appearing in She-Hulk. Though, how could it happen and how often will he appear?

Bruce Banner has had one hell of a ride during his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From being played by two actors, Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk and then Mark Ruffalo from Avengers onward, to being the one who snapped all the blipped back into existence. It’s been wild in the best way possible.

Now, a new era is about to begin with She-Hulk, a series coming to Disney+ in 2022. The series will focus on Bruce’s cousin, Jennifer Walters as she goes from lawyer to superhero. We’ve also known for awhile that she apparently gains her powers the same way as her comic book counterpart. This means it may require a blood transfusion from Bruce.

That’s where this post comes in. We thought it would be fun to go over all the ways Bruce could be involved in the series without taking the focus off Jennifer.

How Could Bruce Enter She-Hulk?

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The MCU would be with us now without Bruce Banner. Now that the franchise is expanding, having his cousin onboard is a great way to dive deeper into his family history. Jennifer is the star this time around and if speculation is correct, she will need her more experienced relative in order for her to survive.

This brings us to the ways Bruce might be brought into the series:

  • Jennifer requires a blood transfusion and Bruce is the only match.
  • There could be phone call between him and a doctor asking for blood to save his cousin’s life.
  • He is mentioned only in having given blood.
  • There’s a video call or just footage of him.
  • Combination of a couple of the above ideas.

How Many Times Could Banner Appear In She-Hulk?

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To wrap this post up, we need to question how much Bruce could potentially be in She-Hulk. If we’re honest, he may be in more than we think he will be given he’ll likely be a mentor to Jennifer as she comes to grapple with her powers. After all, he’s had his for far longer.

There’s every possibility that he could have a reoccurring role and serve as the inspiration for Jennifer to embrace being She-Hulk. He could even become a go-between for advice when necessary. Plus, he wouldn’t have to appear too often for this to happen. As we mentioned earlier, he show up in a video or phone call.

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