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The Bold And The Beautiful: Will the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor Triangle Ruin The Next Generation?

It’s the love triangle to end them all… or it is? Ridge Forrester has seen his fair share of women in his time. He’s been married so many times to the same women. For the last few years, Ridge and Taylor’s daughter Steffy and Brooke’s daughter, Hope have fought it out for the love of one man. However, are their parents to blame for not allowing them to have happiness for even a year?

Steffy Forrester is one of Ridge’s three children with Taylor. She was one-half of twins with her sister being Phoebe who died over ten years ago. Since her sister’s death, she has evolved into a woman who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Hope Logan is one of Brooke’s daughters. Her father is Deacon Sharpe, but she was raised by Ridge whom she used to call ‘Dad’. Loyal ‘Steam’ fans – that’s Steffy and Liam –  see Hope as a carbon clone of her mother. Fans of ‘Lope’ – Liam and Hope – see her as being nothing like Brooke. Hope doesn’t use people to get what she wants.

Liam Spencer is one of the three sons of Media Mogul, ‘Dollar’ Bill Spencer. Raised by his mother Kelly, Liam didn’t know who his father was until Kelly died. His quest lead him in search of his father. He was dating Hope when Steffy almost drowned in the bath. Since then, she has been infatuated with him. Basically, he’s the Ridge of the Steffy/Liam/Hope love triangle.

Next Generation Blues: Interfering Parents

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Taylor and Ridge don’t know when to keep their mouths shut. They view Hope as a threat to their precious Steffy’s happiness. She married Liam too many times to count, but he was never happy with her. Sure, she’s the mother of his daughter, Kelly but that doesn’t mean she’s the love of his life.

Brooke has watched her stepdaughter steals Hope’s boyfriends. As a mother wanting to keep her child safe, she tells Steffy to keep her distance. Steffy, being her parents’ daughter doesn’t listen.

Bill, Liam’s father also has a lot to answer for. He lusted after Brooke and Steffy and ended marrying Brooke before she broke it off. He also seduced Steffy while she was married to Liam. This prompted her to have a paternity test done when she found out she was pregnant. Liam flew off the handle when he discovered his wife had cheated on him with his father.

When Taylor discovered that Bill had ‘taken advantage’ of her daughter, she went to confront him. She grabbed his gun and shot him in the back, almost killing him. She blamed him for splitting Steffy and Liam up so Liam would end up with Hope. In Taylor’s eyes, Liam was the perfect man for her daughter. However, Brooke thought the same thing.

What Is Happiness… Really?

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Brooke found a habit of marrying the same man several times. Taylor married Ridge and then she moved around from man to man. She didn’t marry as many times as Brooke did. 

Ridge cheated on Brooke with Taylor and vice versa. He even cheated on Brooke with his stepmother, Quinn who is old enough to be his daughter. He also thought Thomas, his eldest son would be a bad father, so he acted as Caroline Spencer the Second’s baby daddy. Who’s the lousy father, Ridge?

Do Quickie Weddings Help Anyone?

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 Brooke does everything possible to ensure Hope gets her dream and the happiness she deserves. That includes the world’s quickest wedding.

The family matriarch has planned so many quickie weddings for Hope that nothing stays civil for long. In just 2018, Liam and Hope tried getting married twice. The first time, his brother, Wyatt (Quinn’s son with Bill) interrupts and reveals the truth to Liam about what happened between Steffy and Bill. The second time, the wedding goes off without a hitch, though Steffy – who is a guest – invites her mother as her plus one. It does from bad to worse when Taylor tries convincing Liam not to marry Hope and to go back to Steffy and Kelly.

After the wedding, a cake fight between Brooke and Taylor erupts in the kitchen. Steffy and Hope run in to see their mothers going at it, destroying the wedding cake and making a massive scene.

One honorary mention of another ‘Get Hope and Liam married quick’ scheme Brooke has cooked up over the years is when she plans the wedding, but Steffy locks Hope in a gondola and steals her place as Liam’s bride.

So Much For Parenting A Kid Who Used To Call You Their Parent

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Before Hope’s birth, her paternity was up in the air. Surprise, surprise.

Hope used to call Ridge ‘dad’. When she was old enough to know who her real father was, she ceased calling Ridge her father. 

Ridge never called Hope as his own, despite having adopted her. He always favored his own daughters over her which prompted Hope to stop calling him her father.

For The Sake Of The Children

Steffy and Hope are grown adults who want what is best for their daughters. They’ve been at odds for so long, it feels foreign that they would suddenly get along. Because they both have children with Liam, they don’t want their daughters to feud the same way they have. However, their mothers don’t see it this way.

Taylor blames Hope for taking advantage of the marital issues between Liam and Steffy when everything with Bill went down. She thinks Hope is Brooke 2.0. Brooke blames Steffy for all the misery Hope has suffered over the years.

To give Steffy and Hope credit, they want their daughters to get along in ways they never did. They want to set a good example for them so they don’t end up in the same position they were.

Hope tries to be a good stepmother to Kelly and is open to having her and Steffy in the family fold. However, she appears envious that Liam spends more time with his first family than he does with her and their expectant bundle of joy.

In recent episodes that have aired in the US, Steffy confides in her mother that all she wants is her family back. Will Taylor’s scheming to get Liam to go back to his ‘true’ family work?

Liam isn’t Bill. Just ask anyone who knows him. He doesn’t scheme to get what he wants. That’s not the way his late mother raised him. Like Steffy and Hope, he’s been a pawn to all the manipulations of his father, Taylor, Ridge, and Brooke. He wants what’s best for his two daughters and his two baby mamas and will anything to keep the peace, even if it means unintentionally causing another conflict.


To wrap this up, Brooke, Ridge, Taylor, and Bill have a lot to answer for. Pulling the strings on their children’s lives will only drive them away from them. Liam’s already pulled away from Bill more times then we can count. To conclude, yes, the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor love triangle is ruining the next generation of their family. They should just shut up and allow their children to live their lives.

What do you think? Are Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor ruining the next generation? Comment below!

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