What Happens When You’re Broke And Have To Move In With Your Equally Broke Sibling?


What happens when your snobbish sister shows up at your house with her rich husband and reveals they’re broke? Pauley Perrette is about to find out!

Pauley Perrette is back but her role is very different to Abby from NCIS. In Broke, she plays Jackie, a single mother struggling to keep her head above water. Her life and that of her son Sammy’s is thrown for a loop when her snobbish sister, Elizabeth and wealthy brother-in-law, Javier show up on their doorstep revealing that they’re dead broke.

Accompanying Elizabeth and Javier is their gay (but very funny) personal assistant, Luis who is gives advice, even when no one wants it. However, Jackie struggles with having them in the house, knowing that once they get their money back, they’ll get up and live her and Sammy again.

Javier forges a close bond with Sammy, taking over as the father-figure as his dad is an asshat. Not to mention, this makes the rich uncle and his wife consider having a child of their own when they end up babysitting their nephew.

One of the funniest parts of this show is how Luis can be seen as a Latino version of Niles from The Nanny where the humour is concerned, however he’s a lot nicer about it than the English butler. Also, Javier’s bond with his nephew really goes to show that not all rich people are total snobs.

Yes, Javier and Elizabeth are a bit of a two-way street. They’re nice for a fraction of a second, but than they go about their rich ways, but underneath all that, they have hearts is something really touches them.


Do we like this series? Yes. Do we love it? No, most definitely not. Broke does fall flat with pacing, but the loveable cast of character really makes up for it. Consider the series a mashup of The Nanny, Cheers, and Fam.

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