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The Bold And The Beautiful: Is Brill Back On?


Brill or Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer have history and it’s always caused issues for them. With the Forrester matriarch trying to salvage what remains of her marriage to Ridge, will this be a one time fling or will it escalate?

Brooke’s relationship with her sister Katie has always been up and down, especially when she’s always going after her sibling’s men. This was how the ship of Brill was born. For a time, the Logan sisters were at each other’s throats. However, Bill became a changed man… sorta, but now he’s reverted back to his old ways and so has his former wife.

Join us as we break down the latest pairing potentially getting back together on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Brill Comes Together Because Of Thomas’s Scheme?

According the spoilers on the @HopeBethSpencer Instagram account, Bill and Brooke share a kiss at the beginning of the week. Towards the end, Wyatt interrupts his father as he daydreams about his ex. If anything, we think the reason they’re pushed together is because of the issues Brooke is having with Ridge.

Ridge is on Thomas’s side (go figure) while Brooke has sided with Liam over her stepson’s plot to win Hope over. Meanwhile, Katie is playing secret keeper to Sally and her fatal mystery illness. This whole kiss thing is too similar to the more recently forced Steffy/Liam kiss.

If this ever gets out to Katie, it is going to destroy her. She and Bill are at a good place at the moment and then he turns around and kisses her sister? What the heck, dude?! What repulses us about this is that Katie and Bill’s relationship hasn’t been suffering. So why push Bill towards Brooke again?

Ridge Only Has Himself To Blame

Ridge’s hypocritical views has caused friction with Brooke for months to the point he’s kissed Shauna under his beloved Logan’s nose. If he loved his wife at all, he could at least see things from her perspective rather than just take Thomas’s word that he’s changed.

Brooke ending up back in Bill’s arms is Ridge’s own fault. He’s constantly ignored what she’s been saying about his son and now, he’s paying for it. Ridge should take a long hard look at himself. He think he’s perfect when it’s just as much as a cheater as Brooke and Bill are.

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