Breaking Down Krypton’s Love Triangle: Who Will Seg End Up With In Krypton Season 2?


It started with the what-if question “What if Superman never existed?” Syfy’s 2018 hit Krypton is returning to television in 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited! However, the show’s first season left us with questions including what’s next in the complicated love triangle between Lyta, Seg, and Nyssa.

We know the House of El as the Kryptonian family of Superman, but the future grandson of Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) doesn’t yet exist. Despite mentions from his buddy Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos), the superhero’s fate is now in jeopardy thanks to his uncle, Dru-Zod (Colin Salmon). Wait… did I mention Dru-Zod is Kal-El’s uncle?

The first Season might only be 10 episodes, we learn about the House of El and the associated families. We also learn the cruel fate that awaits the El family if the name doesn’t carry on. We learn Seg has two sons with two women. The first is Cor-Vex whose mother is Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day). The second is Dru-Zod whose mother is Seg’s secret girlfriend, Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell).

While the Zod bombshell was a shock, what happens with Jor-El, the father of Superman? Before we can address that, we need to examine how far the love triangle has and will go.

How It Began

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After Seg saves the Voice of Rao from an assassination attempt, Daron-Vex (Eliot Cowan) rewards him. However, the reward was betrothing Seg to his youngest daughter, Nyssa. The young El later meets up with Lyta who asks what Nyssa’s like. Seg tells her Nyssa’s interesting, which puts a strain on their forbidden relationship.

Seg’s mother, Charys (Paula Malcolmson) discovers the liaison and cautions her son. If Lyta’s mother, Jayna (Ann Ogbomo) were to discover the relationship, Seg could find himself in a heap of trouble.

In a later episode, Nyssa reveals to Seg she knows about him and Lyta and she herself has an agenda for him. As time wears on, Seg finds himself in a bind, especially when he discovers Lyta’s future son, Dru-Zod is also his son. Talk about hashtag awks.

Two Sons, Two Different Mothers

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Seg loves Lyta and yet, his relationship with Nyssa makes it complicated. He’s betrothed to her but by force, not because he loves her. That’s the basis of marriage on Krypton in this time period. 200 years before Kal’s birth and people are bound for gain, not love.

Seg’s sons, Cor-Vex and Dru-Zod bear the name of their respected mother, continuing the Vex and Zod families. Where does that put the House of El? Well, in a nutshell, Seg’s grandpa (Ian McElhinney) was executed. Seg and his parents were deemed rankless and lived for 14 years in the Rankless District of Kandor. 

Lyta and Seg started their secret relationship who knows when. In a distant future, they would become parents to a son, Dru. The boy would grow up not knowing who his father was and would eventually become the enemy of his nephew, Kal-El without knowing it. Instead of having his father’s family name, Dru would be given his mother’s

Cor-Vex’s existence comes as a ploy set up by his grandfather, Daron-Vex. Daron felt Seg needed to be silenced and placed under his control. Also, he wanted the House of El to become extinct so his plan to dispose of the Voice of Rao doesn’t become unraveled. He also felt that Seg taking his family name would aid him in destroying the El family.

Let’s Zod It Out

Seg’s secret girlfriend, Lyta-Zod

When children become involved, Seg will need to juggle his responsibilities as a father to two sons. However, he may never get the chance with either of his sons to be there for them. If the future works out as it does in Zod’s time, he wouldn’t know his father. He could become the same bitter and vengeful individual.

We know Lyta adores Seg and vice versa. However, she will need to share him with Nyssa as she’s the mother his eldest son. The situation is already tense. It wouldn’t do the boys any good if their mothers are fighting over their father. They’ll become rivals because their mothers are and I don’t think that’s what Seg will want.

It would always be a difficult situation if an El and a Zod got together. Jayna looked down on the El family, especially when they got exiled because Val tried to warn them about Brainiac’s existence. Let’s not forget the future interactions between Kal-El and his uncle Dru which no one knows about just yet.

If Seg were to choose Lyta, he would follow his heart and not what the government has planned for him.

Vex It Up

Seg’s betrothed (fiancée), Nyssa-Vex

Nyssa is a skilled manipulator thanks to her father. Seg might not love her like he does Lyta, but Nyssa’s father bound them together, so they’re stuck with each other. Not to mention, Nyssa is the mother of Seg’s unborn eldest son, Cor.

They’re both rebels with Nyssa wanting to kill her father for lying to her and Seg wanting to usurp Brainiac when he impersonated the Voice of Rao. Because of their circumstances, Seg and Nyssa become close friends with the youngest Vex learning there’s more to alliances than just pawns and lackeys. Seg teaches her that friendships aren’t a weakness but a source of strength.

If Nyssa and Seg end up together, she will need to juggle being the stepmother of her love rival’s son with Seg. Though, she could teach Cor – should he be born –  that there’s more to life than the pre-prophesied one his parents saw in the Genesis Chamber.

Letting It All Go To El

[Credit: Inverse]

Nyssa and Lyta have every right to fight for Seg. He’s the father of their sons. Let’s not forget they’re both very different and come from different backgrounds. Also, their sons will differ from each other and have opposing views.

What if Seg doesn’t choose either Nyssa or Lyta? What if he marries someone else who will help him carry on his family name? While he has Cor and Dru, he needs a son *coughs* Jor-El *cough* who’ll not only continue the family name but become the father of Seg’s grandson. And what about Seg’s other famous descendant? 

The comics depict him having a granddaughter, Kara Zor-El who joins her cousin Kal in becoming a hero on Earth. We know Seg probably won’t be alive by the time Kal (and Kara) end up on Earth, though Zod’s plot to conquer Krypton might alter the timeline more than we think.

If Zod’s scheme continues, he will risk his own existence if Seg doesn’t return. Despite Seg’s grandfather still being alive, he’s the only one who can bring the House of El back into the fold.

How Could The Conflict Play Out When Seg Returns?

[Credit: Comic Book]

Seg’s time in The Phantom Zone could alter who he is as a person. He might be darker and gloomier or he could be the total opposite. There have been no plot leaks or rumors since the first season ended in May 2018. We know the bounty hunter Lobo will join the story, but it’s unknown how he will come into play. Here are a few ideas of how the situations could pan out during Season 2.

  1. Our first idea pulls us deep into The Phantom Zone. We may see Seg in The Phantom Zone, looking for a way out. He might have to team up with Brainiac or perhaps he meets Lobo and they work together to get out.
  2. Back in the Fortress of Solitude, Val, Nyssa, and Jax-Ur try everything they can think of to get Seg free from his prison despite every attempt failing to produce a result.
  3. Lobo finds a way to escape and his escape pulls Seg out with him, but they end up in a different location that isn’t Krypton.
  4. Kem, Seg’s best friend, becomes a spy for Nyssa and reports his findings to her while helping her raise a newborn Cor during Seg’s absence.
  5. Lyta realises her son has become a tyrant and recruits Kem and Nyssa to stop him while Val and Jax work together to free Seg.
  6. Jayna returns with her back-from-the-dead brother and reveals they know how to bring Seg back, but it will require someone having to lose or sacrifice their life in return.
  7. Once he’s out of The Phantom Zone, Seg struggles to bond with his old friends and his newborn son. He could lash out at everyone, especially Lyta who chooses to believe their son.
  8. Val sacrifices his life for Seg and is sent back to The Phantom Zone or is killed.
  9. Seg cycles between Lyta and Nyssa, unable to make up his mind who he wants to be with. He realises he loves them both, but cannot be with them

Introducing New Players

[Credit: Variety]

Fans know by now anything is possible. You think one thing will happen, but something else entirely happens. Season 2 will introduce other new players to the mix which may make the Lyta/Seg/Nyssa love triangle messier. We know little about the new season other than Lobo’s introduction. They may introduce new families like the House of Van, the family of Seg’s future daughter-in-law, Lara Lor-Van. We may see Nyssa’s sisters. Flamebird and Nightwing (not Dick Grayson) may get an introduction this coming season.

Post-Phantom Zone Blues

[Credit: Screen Rant]

Whatever happens to Seg will be interesting while it may even be a sad reminder of what will occur two centuries down the line.

Seg’s life might be ruined, but he may teach the next generation life isn’t meant to be easy.

What do you think will happen in regards to Seg’s awkward love life? Be sure to comment below!

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