The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful: Eric And Zende Confide In Each Other While Quinn Fights Brooke


Bow down to Queen Brooke, Quinn! Yeah, we went there! As Eric struggles to come to terms with what his wife has done, he finds comfort in another conflicted soul, his recently returned grandson, Zende. Elsewhere, the mistress of Forrester manor struggles to fight off her rival.

Quinn should know by now that it is just easier to bow down to Brooke. After all, she is the true Forrester matriarch who succeed Stephanie. This week’s The Bold and the Beautiful has just been one massive take down after another. But, the real prize to come from the whole scam wedding fiasco is the lady of the house getting her just desserts. Eric will never want to look at her again and that can only mean one thing; divorce.

If there’s one person who will understand his grandfather’s struggles it’s Zende. After all, he returned to Los Angeles after the break down of his own marriage to Nicole. Today, we actual learn that Eric knew he was returning to town and it’s all thanks to Julius.

Julius Told Eric What He Knew

While Zende and Nicole were living it up in Paris, Julius and wife Vivienne returned to LA (we think) and the Avant patriarch convinced Eric to join him on the golf course.

From what Eric told Zende, Julius told him about what happened because Nicole had told her father about their breakup but didn’t tell him everything.

This is a nice little nod to the Avants who are rumoured to be coming back too. We’re not sure whether this is true yet, but Soap Opera Spy alleges they are. While we cannot remember the last time we saw Viv and Julius, Nicole we saw go off to Paris while Maya returned from the same place to say she and Rick had divorced.

From collection, the last Maya appeared was when Hope asked her if it was okay for her to name her own daughter ‘Elizabeth’ since Lizzy’s name is also ‘Elizabeth’.

Hope’s former sister-in-law said it was more than alright and that it would be an honour to have Lizzy’s cousin share the same name as her. However, the Spencer little girl is known as Beth rather than Elizabeth or Lizzy.

Just Bow Down To A True Queen, Quinn!

Quinn’s unruly hatred towards Brooke has been simmering for years until she found a way to ‘usurp’ her and she used her BFF to do it. If she cared about Shauna at all she would’ve thought about her feelings. That’s where Eric comes in also.

The jewelry designer did not once think about her husband’s feelings. Quinn knows how much the Logans mean to Eric, but she doesn’t care about that. She just wanted Brooke of the Forrester family.

Because she and Eric have such a strong marriage, Quinn thought he would forgive her like he always does. Not this time, and we’re all for that ride. We cannot wait to see the look on her face when her beloved portrait comes down from above the fireplace. Stephanie is the the true Forrester matriarch and nothing will ever change that in the eyes of her family.

Quinn is just an interloper who doesn’t care about anyone but herself. If she truly cared about Eric the way she claims, she wouldn’t have declared war on a woman who is very dear to his heart. Also, using Shauna as a scapegoat in an attempt ruin Brooke for ‘threatening’ her marriage is just low.

Yes, Brooke has down some terrible things, but she has ever tried to kill anyone. She doesn’t need the family to bow down to her the way Quinn thinks everyone should.

Eric was 100% correct when he said that Quinn’s insecurities have gotten the better of her. She enjoys the compliments she gets for being a Forrester and she loves the privileges it offers her. While all that is nice and all, it should about the marriage, and not what rewards it gives out.

What’s Next For Zende?

It’s going to be an interesting week for Zende as he will be fighting with Carter for Zoe. He will also be given the opportunity to work with Hope on her line which won’t go down well with his cousin, Thomas.

Also, it becomes clear that Zende will become interested in Zoe and will begin to question her relationship with Carter. That we’re not thrilled about. She spent so much time flirting the hot lawyer man that she’ll sink her claws into someone else and discard him! Not cool!

We want her with Carter! He deserves love too!

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