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Bot Scam: Guy Who Published The “Anti-Meghan Hate Accounts” Report Is Denounced As Fraud

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Last week was a difficult week for a vast array of Twitter users when they came under attack by Christopher Bouzy, a seemingly random guy who appeared to be a supporter of Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It all started when he appeared out of the woodwork, screaming that people who don’t support the former royal couple were racists. However, it has since come out that the guy isn’t as great as he makes out to be. Moreover, he thought he could accuse people of being part of a bot “attack” on Meghan. The reason? Because they don’t agree with his views or her actions.

Our friend Sue Smith did a video called It’s so “Bouzy”, where she addresses the Bot Sentinel drama. We’ve spoken about this video before in a previous post. The gist is that this guy, much like Meghan, LOVES playing the victim wherever possible. People have been calling Bouzy out left, right, and centre, becoming a raging dumpster fire. Furthermore, of all the individuals speaking up, one of them is his eldest daughter. Be sure to check out Sue’s video on this (linked above).

A hashtag has emerged on Twitter #BotSentinelScam, dating back months to before Bouzy’s admiration for Meghan became known. Note what we DIDN’T do. We did NOT mention race or anyone’s heritage. The guy can claim racism all he wants, but it is his behaviour that is being called into question. Even if he were a white man, he’d still get a thrashing from people.

Bot Sentinel Is Not Commissioned By Twitter

Twitter did not commission Bot Sentinel to run a report on “toxic hate” accounts. Sure, they considered the “research”. But Bouzy didn’t get the response he was hoping to receive. He thought that ALL the accounts he named in his smear campaign would be shut down. Meanwhile, only a handful got suspended. Also, all the other ones were seen by Twitter as complying with the rules.

Now, we do have to stress that Twitter is not perfect. They’re allowing a load of Anti-Cambridge and Anti-Royal accounts to remain open when they’re constantly making death threats, believing they’re protecting the Sussexes against the “hate”.

While this is a totally separate matter, this is the whole reason Facebook was forced to rebrand. Accusations that the company cared more about money than its users became so great that they had to change their image on a literal scale.

Twitter needs to wake up and realise that death threats are not on. It doesn’t matter who they’re aimed at. However, some of the companies Meghan and Harry have “investments” has shares in Twitter. They believe they can cancel people because of their views on them due to their “ties”. Let’s not forget that Jack Royston of Newsweek wrote a balanced article about the “investigation” run by Bot Sentinel and the one run by Twitter. He said the following:

Twitter suggested the term “bot” is frequently misused, including to refer to accounts that people disagree with.

Jack Royston – Newsweek

He’s correct in this instance. If someone doesn’t agree with someone else, they’re considered a “bot”. Furthermore, this would be an underlying cry of racism or whatever other “crime”.

Bot Sentinel Uses Its Own Algorithm

To end this post, we wanted to say that Bot Sentinel uses its own algorithm to determine who has “toxic” behaviour and who doesn’t. When the news started to trickle out that Bouzy was releasing a report, we decided to sacrifice our Twitter account to Bot Sentinel. Moreover, this is the rating we got:

We re-ran the test earlier today, but we received the same response. However, we have seen other people say that their ratings have changed suddenly. One example is this Tweet from @MorningBlueberry. Unfortunately, we can’t get it to embed to this post, so click the link if you want to see it. The site at one point pushed the World Health Organisation to the “disruptive” category, as seen in a tweet from June 2021, also by @MorningBlueberry. As of currently, the WHO is now sitting at zero because enough people complained.

World Health Organisation as of today, November 1 2021

Just for the record, the below screenshot is of Bouzy’s Twitter account:

It’s biased because it’s his company and his code which he won’t release to the public. Also, scroll back up to my result. Ours is lower than his, however, his actual Twitter activity says otherwise. We’ve blocked him to avoid him coming after us, but it’s unlikely this will stop him and his cronies.

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