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Why Did Borce Ristevski Allegedly Murder His Wife?


Borce Ristevski allegedly murdered his wife Karen in 2016 and dumped her body. Question is why did he do it? We might never know.

Early last year, we covered the then-developing news of the murder of mother-of-three Hannah Clarke. Ms Clark was killed alongside her children by her estranged husband, Rowan Baxter. Roughly four years earlier, Borce Ristevski allegedly murdered his wife Karen, but one thing has never been known; why he did it.

Men who murder their wives and then attempt to get away with it should be held accountable for their actions. While many motives come out relatively quickly, the reasons as to why Borce allegedly murder Karen have never come to light, according to an article from March 2019 by The Age. In all honesty, we don’t think it will.

However, there has been speculation that their fashion business being in debt might’ve contributed to Karen’s murder. Why this would be a factor is unclear and only Borce knows the answer.

Borce did everything in his power to avoid getting thrown in prison for his wife’s alleged murder. From the evidence presented in court, he used Karen’s car, took his own phone and hers and turned them off at seperate times during the trip to dispose of her body.

Sarah Ristevski’s 60 Minutes Australia Interview

According to a 60 Minutes interview with Borce and Karen’s only child, Sarah, an expert was called in to analyse the case. You can see the interview here or the 60 Minutes Australia YouTube Channel:

The expert says it appears that Borce allegedly used coercive control on both his wife and daughter. In the interview, Sarah only once admitted that her father is guilty. However, she backtracks and continues to stand by her father.

Given everything she has been through, it is understand why she loves her father and doesn’t want to see that he could’ve been the one who murdered her beloved mother. She has said that she will always stand by her father, even when he gets out of prison in a decade’s time.

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