Royal Book Wars: Meghan’s Children’s Book Dubbed ‘Dull’ While Catherine’s Photography Book Becomes A Bestseller In Its First Day

book wars

There’s a book wars brewing for Catherine and Meghan…

Book wars are nothing new in the publishing world but for royals sisters-in-law, Catherine and Meghan are going head-to-head for the title of best-selling author. Yes, that’s right, folks! Markle has written a book, but here’s the kicker. It’s a children’s book. Kate has spearheaded a book of photographs as part of her Hold Still initiative that she set up during 2020 as a way of showing the effects of the pandemic in the UK. According to Brittany of the Royal News Network, it is of no one’s surprise that the Duchess of Sussex’s announcement came just two days prior to the launch of the Duchess of Cambridge’s. Spiteful, much?

Anyway, as we enter the book wars between the two duchesses, Brittany has said that Catherine’s book has been a “runaway success” while Meghan’s isn’t even out yet and has been classified as ‘dull’. We can understand why.

Catherine’s book highlights the human spirit and bravery of people during the coronavirus pandemic as it was raging through the UK last year. Also, she’s not profiting from the book at all. All the proceeds are going to either the National Portrait Gallery or Mind, a mental health charity which she, William, and once upon a time, Harry were patrons.

Meanwhile, Meghan’s book, The Bench has been dubbed ‘dull’ by critics who say it is unsuitable for children. Not wrong there. Only 1% is going to charity. We can only imagine where the other 99% is going to end up.

Catherine Isn’t Preaching… Meghan Is…

One thing that we definitely need to discuss in this royal book wars, is that Catherine’s book is done to showcase the strength of people. Meanwhile, Meghan’s is about a topic that kids between the ages of one and seven wouldn’t care about. Remember when she and Harry had the video posted on Archie’s first birthday of her reading Duck! Rabbit! to him? Yeah, we did some digging into the age bracket for the book and it’s for four to eight-year-olds, according to the product page on Booktopia.

Archie was a year old which is far too young. Also, if you watch the video, he wanted nothing to do with it. He wanted his mother to read him another book, but she didn’t want to. Going back to The Bench, it talks about father-son relationships which is rich coming from Meghan as she ghosted her own father and made Harry smear his. Also, it appears that the book is more aimed at adults and preaching to them via her crappy poetry to have a good relationship with their children.

Ummm… that’s great and all Meghan, but you can’t talk about familial relationships as you cut off ALL your family except your mother and you forced your husband to trash talk his.

The Amazon Bestseller List

Finally, we reach the part that inspired this post at 3am in the morning when we were browsing Twitter. It was announced that Catherine’s book had reached the bestseller list on just its first day. As Brittany reports, Meghan’s book doesn’t come out until next month and it has already declined on the list. At the time her post, The Bench had dropped from #28 to #68 on the UK Amazon Bestsellers list and has likely gone down further. Meanwhile, in the US, it was sitting #58. Can’t be any worse than the Archewell Audio podcast coming in behind whale sounds on Spotify, can it?

Well, apparently, it can. the Audiobook version of The Bench has dropped down from #2174 to #8290. Goes to show no one cares. Oh, and before we end this post, we need to say also that Meghan thinks she’s a good writer. Umm… just because you wrote two blogs – one anonymous, one with her name attached – doesn’t mean you’re good. If you were, your book would be much higher on the bestseller list.

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