Prince Harry Takes A Swipe At America’s First Amendment… But, He’s Married To An America…?


It appears Meghan left Harry unprepared for living life as an American as he calls the First Amendment ‘bonkers’…

Prince Harry sure knows how to upset people. His chat with actor Dax Shepard on his Armchair Expert podcast has sent Americans into a frenzy. The reason? He insulted the First Amendment which so happens to enable free speech. Now, this privileged human being who was born into a foreign royal family to the heir to the British throne and his first wife has had everything handed to him his whole life. So, where does he get off in calling something he claims to not understand ‘bonkers’?

Umm… he does realize that his wife, Meghan, is American, doesn’t he? He is also a guest of America, so he is insulting her and her homeland. God, we would’ve loved to see Dax Shepard’s face when he said this. Anyway, he needs to be quiet, first off if he doesn’t understand something about his adopted country. If someone had insulted Britain when he still lived there and wasn’t under his wife’s thumb, then he would be upset too.

Secondly, calling the First Amendment ‘bonkers’, is hypocritical of Harry. He has called Britain racist without any form of evidence. Also, the Kingdom Choir who performed at his and Meghan’s wedding are black and they backed his father up. Now, we don’t know about you, but this enough to prove that the royals and the UK are not racist. Not to mention, does he not remember the massive crowds that descended the streets of Windsor on that day?

Did Harry Call The First Amendment ‘Bonkers’ Because Of What It Represents?

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[Credit: People Magazine]

Now, we’ve had this thought for a while. Does Harry dislike the First Amendment because it enables the press? He mentions during the podcast how he is pissed that the paparazzi snapped a photo of Meghan and Archie. For those of you unsure of what he’s talking about, here are the photos:

[Credit: TSZ Online]

Had Harry bothered to look into the Californian law, he would know that there is a rule in place where publications are to blur out the faces of celebrity children in order to protect them. Page Six first posted the photos, but very few other media outlets did as it was Harry and Meghan’s nephew, Louis’ third birthday. The photos were dropped literally 18 minutes before the little Prince’s portrait was published.

Now, we’re under the impression that either Page Six didn’t know about the rule or Meghan contacted them and said that she wants her son’s face on full display. However, it’s hard to believe the first theory because the publication is owned by the New York Post who also owns News Corp which are both American media outlets. Also, if you look at Markle in the photos, she’s grinning under the mask.

Also, Harry should realise that without the First Amendment, he would not be able to throw his family under the bus the way he has. Finally, we need to note that the most likely reason is that he doesn’t like the criticism that comes from anything he does. Meghan is the same as she did a video call a while ago and said that if people listen to what she says, it’s not controversial. Yeah, it’s a load of crap but whatever. Neither of them can take the heat of being called out on their lies.

Harry’s Life Is Bonkers If He Believes His Family Is Safer in The US

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[Credit: Today Show]

Harry is delirious if he thinks his family is safer in the US. They are quite literally living in Paparazzi central. So, he’s complaining that there’s paps running around and illegally acquiring photos of them via drones, etc while they’ve permanently set down roots in a city laden with trash bin jumping camera people.

When the Sussexes were living in the UK, they were rarely photographed in public. In fact, they weren’t in the press that much unless it was a public engagement where they were shaking hands and to quote Heston from Ella Enchanted, kissing babies. Okay, they’d never do that. We’ve always wanted to throw that in somewhere.

Didn’t Meghan tell Harry about the media swarming about the place? Oh wait… she told Tom Bradby that she didn’t know anything about the tabloids! We know this isn’t the case because of THESE photos:

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[Credit: Daily Mail]

The above photos were taken in 2015 the year before Meghan met Harry. They were taken of her going in (or out) of a restaurant in London. Now, they’re not just some random Paparazzi snaps. They’re photos set up by Meghan and her agent to get her more exposure. Then, she ended up ghosting her father three years later do literally doing the same thing.

compulsive liar
[Credit: The Mirror]

Oh, and let’s not forget THIS beauty which was taken in 2014, two years before Meghan met Harry. It shows Catherine on the front with the caption that she’s having twins. This was just before Princess Charlotte’s birth in 2015. So, yeah. Meghan knew about the tabloids.

Who knows what shit she has fed Harry about these if he’s seen them. Oh, right. Meghan hates the press as he does. Yeah, not buying that for a second.

Mock All You Want, Harry Because 95% Of People See Through Your Crap!


Calling the First Amendment ‘bonkers’ because you either don’t like it and/or don’t understand it, doesn’t mean you should step on it. There are a load of Americans who follow it to a tee. Without it, they wouldn’t have a country where they can speak as freely as they do. Instead, they would be like communist nations that don’t have this right at all.

Harry should be considering himself lucky to be able to speak at all. After all, his and Meghan’s friends in the media (despite saying he hates it), are feeding him crap and they’re just believing whatever the Sussexes tell them so it can be reported as ‘their truth’.

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