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The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy And Hope Bond While Finn Picks Up On Thomas’ Rambling

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Steffy and Hope are basically sisters and it was nice seeing them bonding as such. Meanwhile, Finn picks up on Thomas’ ramblings about Hope…

It’s nice to see Steffy and Hope bonding as sisters. To laughing and having a genuine conversation without wanting to rip each other’s hair out is just awesome. Meanwhile, Finn picks up on Thomas’ ramblings about his former wife. Oooh, boy!

Finn is a good guy who can tell when something isn’t right. He got an ‘earful’ about Liam yesterday from Thomas and was told not to ‘trust’ him. Now, the hot doc isn’t naive. He has been told of the Forrester-Spencer feuding so he’s up to speed with all that. He’s been bonding with Kelly which makes us swoon as it has Steffy.

In today’s episode, Finn tells Steffy that there’s something not right with her brother. She’s surprised at this, especially since Hope had told her that Thomas was being nothing but professional. Okay, that’s fine but later on after the doc has left the office, things take a weird turn.

As Thomas works, he misses Hope’s entrance into the room and he all but hears the mannequin in his head as the real Logan heiress talks about his current design. Then, he basically ‘lashes out’ at her for ‘not caring’. She was confused by this, and honestly so were we.

Tommy boy does realise that he’s having issue due to his shrunken obsession, doesn’t he? He said he was fine but earlier, Finn looked really worried. Even if he wasn’t doctor and picked up on it, he had every right to ask if everything was okay.

Will Steffy believe what Finn is saying about her brother? Hopefully she does because we don’t need ‘trouble in paradise because of Thomas’ so early on in their relationship.

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