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The Bold And The Beautiful: Zoe’s Jealousy Towards Paris Heightens, Thomas And Hope Bond While Liam Panics At Steffy’s Pregnancy Bombshell

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What happens when you put a massive bombshell, jealousy and a form of bonding into one episode of The Bold and Beautiful? Let’s find out, shall we?

Oh, boy! It’s only the beginning of the week and The Bold and the Beautiful is already spicy. At the end of last week, Steffy her pregnancy bombshell on Liam. We also had a clearly jealous Zoe ordering little sister Paris out of Los Angeles while Thomas and Hope bonded over… stuff. Anyway, this is only just getting started.

A lot of these storylines have been in place for a while, but have only started to get off the ground recently. It’s killing us viewers because these plotlines don’t take us anywhere new.

With each storyline, there’s always something bigger coming so we’re to dive into each of them now.

Liam Panics Unaware That Steffy Really Does Want Him Back

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Steffy has been through a lot in the past few months. However, her pregnancy ‘bombshell’ didn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Her portrayer, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is currently pregnant in real life so the character’s baby drama was written into the show.

Her connection with Liam went to rekindled heights a few weeks back when they slept together after he witnessed what he thought was Hope kissing Thomas. It’s never been a secret that Steffy has always wanted a family with her ex-husband but because of her own failings.

Liam wants everyone to think he’s this knight in shining armour who has to rescue Steffy and Hope. No, they can handle themselves. It takes two to tango, so to speak, Ms Forrester didn’t get pregnant on her own.

Now, the waffler a lot to lose when the secret gets out. His marriage will go down the toilet and he’ll be denied access to Beth. He didn’t think to confront Thomas when he saw him ‘kissing Hope’.

Steffy told him that she was pregnant first because she wants her ex-husband back. We’ve already spoken about how Finn is just Plan B. She is also so desperate to keep the fact that she slept with someone else from him that she doesn’t care about the truth. In other words, she doesn’t want her dirty laundry aired.

For Liam, keeping the truth from Hope is killing him. He knows what this bombshell will do to her. He had zero regard for what could happen. Now, he’s stuck with the possibility he could be the father of another child. This would show him that his destiny is with her and not Hope which kills us to say.

Zoe Wants To ‘Protect’ Her Territory From Paris

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What is not a bombshell by any means is how Zoe went from loving having her sister around to wanting her gone. She’s jealous of how close Paris has gotten to Zende. We’ve addressed this before. Now, she is engaged to Carter who obviously worships the ground she walks on.

However, everything was fine until Zende arrived back in town from Paris after his… separation from wife Nicole. Zoe showed interest in him around the same time she did Carter but she chose the CCO over the designer. How, she has to live with that choice.

Zoe basically wants Zende off to the side and if something happens between her and Carter, she can jump into bed with him. Basically, she’s becoming the female version of Liam. Any guy would be lucky to be with her, but she can’t have her cake and eat it too.

Paris has done nothing wrong and would love the chance to take Ridge’s job offer. Her love of helping people is what drives her to do good in the world She has even said that working with the Forrester Foundation would be amazing for her career.

Carter has been gung-ho on having her on the team and Ridge agrees after having seen her drive for social work and helping the community. The CCO also has developed an appreciation for Paris which is why he recommended her to his BFF for the FF job.

It should be pointed out also that Zoe thinks that Paris is going to take over her life. We know this isn’t the case. As her sister states, she is just insecure about not knowing what her life motivation would while the younger Buckingham always knew what her purpose was.

Thomas And Hope Bond

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Never thought we’d say this on this blog, like ever but it looks like Thomas has really turned a corner, at least, for the time being. He has been extended an olive branch by Brooke and is healing from his brain surgery at the Logan house. This means he is living on the same property as Hope and Liam is not happy. However, it’s got not nothing to do with him.

It is Brooke’s house and if she wants to help Thomas recover, that’s her choice. If Ridge’s son were living in the same home that happens to be on the same property, it would be a totally different story.

Brooke is being the bigger person whereas Liam has one thought in his head and that’s ‘Thomas is evil. He cannot be trusted with anything ever again.’ That’s how his tiny little brain works. However, his mother-in-law is putting aside her concerns about her stepson in favour of wanting him to get better.

For those who watched the the show in the early 2000s, when Taylor was supposed to have died, Brooke became a surrogate mother to Thomas and his sisters. They even told her they loved her as kids. However, their mother brainwashed them into thinking she was the reason they weren’t a family with their father.

Hope and Thomas parents Douglas together and it’s important to them that get along. Understandable, right? Very much so.

While Hope will never replace Caroline, she just wants what’s best for the boy. Douglas chose to be his adoptive mother and she should get along at least, civilly with Thomas.

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