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Bold And The Beautiful: Did Thomas Survive Or Is He A Ghost?

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We’ve been getting the question of whether Thomas survived his fall into the hydrofluoric acid, so we thought we’d answer it.

When it comes to the Forresters, they don’t normally stay dead. Just ask Taylor, the mother of Thomas, Steffy, and the late Phoebe. She’s died a couple of times but always resurfaced. When her son fell of a cliff after Brooke got in between him and Hope, he survived the fall. About month or two later, he got knocked into a vat of hydrofluoric acid.

For a full twenty-four hours, Hope fretted she would be thrown in prison and be charged with murder. This was until a certain someone showed up coming into her room. To those of you asking, it was Thomas. Now, we’ve see the search results on the blog thought we’d give you all the answer.

Is Hope seeing her ex-husband as a ghost or did he survive his fall into the acid vat? It’s been confirmed that it is the real Thomas and she is NOT seeing things. He made her think he’d died to prove a point. In a nutshell, he wanted her to feel the same pain he did when she asked for custody of Douglas. While  he doesn’t say this outright, it’s implied if you read between the lines.

He apologises for putting her through hell when he hid the truth about Beth being alive. Though, this leaves a mountain of unanswered questions. We’re going to answer a couple of these here.

If Thomas Survived, Why Isn’t He Scarred?

By the sounds of it, the reason why Thomas doesn’t have scars is because the acid was neutralised. For anyone asking what this means, basically the stuff cannot do any serious damage. Though, if it was full on acid and Thomas awoke from his fall, he could’v climbed out of the vat before the substance had a chance to eat away at his skin. Also, the writers normally gloss over the more serious stuff like what acid can do to the skin.

Are Ridge and Steffy Coming Around To Believing That Thomas Is In The Wrong?


In a way, yes. As Ridge tells his daughter, “Hope is a lot of things, but a liar isn’t one of them.” Brooke and Hope tell him that Thomas tried to blackmail Hope into having sex with him in exchange for rights to Douglas.

The pair’s reaction to this had us surprised. Normally, they dismiss everything they get told about Thomas. However, this time they do believe it. Also, what reason would Hope have to lie about something as big as this? She was already in a panic over ‘what she did’. She’s nothing like Thomas or Steffy who would rather keep the truth hidden for their own selfish reasons.

Did Brooke Have A Right To Tell Hope Not To Tell Ridge About Thomas’s ‘Death’?

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No, she didn’t. While Brooke was trying to protect her daughter from her estranged husband’s wrath, she needs to realise Hope is a big girl and can look after herself. She’s no longer grieving for Beth and now back to her regular selfless self.

Brooke has done a lot of questionable things over the years, but telling Hope to not tell Ridge is like Shauna telling Flo not to blab about Beth. If you think about it, it’s similar to Steffy asking Thomas to do her a favour so she can take Liam for herself and her then sensible brother telling her he doesn’t want to do her bidding.

There is a lot a more questions to come from this latest chapter of Bold’s current storyline but we only wanted to covered a few of them We want to hear your thoughts on this storyline and what you think Thomas will do next and will Brooke find out if he survived? Tell us below, subscribe to the blog and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @cjhawk93.

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