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Australian Publication Makes Massive Blunder Regarding Their Headlining Story On Harry And Meghan’s Alleged ‘Split’


Oops… New Idea Magazine published a story in their latest issue regarding Harry and Meghan’s alleged ‘split’ but created a blunder for itself when the couple’s baby news dropped the hours later…

Attention all newbie journalists who want to write for the tabloids! Please don’t. You do not want to get caught up in a blunder like New Idea have done as per The Guardian. Yesterday, their newest issue went to print with a story claiming total bullshit claims that Prince Harry and former actress wife, Meghan Markle had split. However just hours later, the couple announced they were expecting their second child. Talk about awkward and ill-timing!

New Idea’s stunt goes to show that they are nothing more than a cash-grabbing exercise who have little regard for the subjects they write about. You would think that they would’ve learned from the Rebel Wilson situation where she sued Woman’s Day for printing false stories about her.

Also, this is not the first time the publication has gotten themselves into a royal blunder. In 2008 according to the aforementioned Guardian article, New Idea got into trouble for publishing the whereabout of Prince Harry when he was in Afghanistan while he was serving in the British Army.

At the time, New Idea claimed “they didn’t publish the information knowingly.” Ah-huh, sure. If Harry had been hurt or killed, it would’ve been on them. There was a blackout agreement in place to protect the prince which was broken.

Being a tabloid, New Idea simply doesn’t care what they publish as long as they get money. A load of celebrities have called the rags out for printing BS stories about them, which we’ve mentioned here on the blog before. There is no shame with these types of publications. Their minds are all about revenue. Damn the celebrities whom are put at risk of losing big bucks on potential work. What happened with Rebel Wilson is a good example of that.

Final Word

Sure, coincidences happen. But publishing untrue things is going to backfire eventually. That is the reason why we don’t use tabloids as sources. If something is a rumour we’ll say as such. There is a reason why people do not trust the media. They print false stories, though there are those who will believe anything that is written. That is the reason why Project Fangirl is an honest publication.

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