A Blogger’s Product Guide To Skin Care At Your Desk

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As a blogger, journalist, or writer of any description is not always easy on the skin…

Working at a desk as a blogger, journalist, or writer is not always easy on the skin and we’re not just talking about the hands. This applies to the face, lips, and nails as well.

Having taken on the full-time job of being a blogger, we’ve learned what products are good for our skin that we can have either close by or in the bathroom ready for use as we work during the day.

Micellar Water

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As someone with oily skin, it has always been a challenge to find something to help with the excess oil that runs from the pores. We had seen Micellar Water advertised and decided to try it and the result was surprising.

Originally, we only washed our face once a day at night. Now, we do it in the morning as well as it stops the pores from seeping and having us run to the bathroom to clean our face.

Our choice of bran really depends on what is cheapest. We’ve used a mountain load of micellar water and find the Garnier Rose Water. However, we only buy it when it’s on sale when if there’s one we’ve used before and didn’t like.

Pawpaw Ointment

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Pawpaw ointment when you’re a blogger, writer, or journalist is often a godsend if you have some sitting on your desk. It’s more than just a lip balm. You can use it for minor injuries like cuts or insect bites to ease the itchiness.

If you’re a parent, it’s also great for nappy rash. Just check the container or tube before you use it on your baby.

We honestly don’t have a preference on what brand to use. It all does the same thing.


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One of the most important things that sit on the Project Fangirl desk is Vaseline. It’s perfect for sore lips. A tube will last you a while. A couple of years even.

Hand Cream

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We’ve always had a touchy relationship with hand cream. We like to experience with different ones. Our hands dry out pretty quick but the worse part is getting a product that leaves your hands greasy and gross.

We would recommend the Vaseline hand cream because it helps your nails grow too.

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