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Blake Jenner FINALLY Issues A Statement About Ex-Wife Melissa Benoist’s Allegations Of Domestic Violence

Blake Jenner

Domestic Violence is no laughing matter. Blake Jenner has been silent for almost a year and has finally come out with a statement about ex-wife Melissa Benoist’s allegations…

A year is too late to issue a statement about effing up. Blake Jenner, the ex-husband of actress Melissa Benoist is not winning himself any new fans. The actor has come clean 11 months after his former wife made allegations of domestic violence, according to 9Honey. At the time, she did not name her abuser, but given the hints she dropped, it was obvious who she was talking about.

When her allegations came to light, social media trending with the hashtag, #IStandWithMelissa as a show of support from fans and people around the world. Now, the inclination is on the rise again with Blake Jenner and his ‘statement’.

Blake Jenner Is Making The Situation About Himself

As we’ve stated, a year is too late to issue a statement. Blake Jenner should be held accountable for his actions. Yes, he says he’s been in therapy and admitted his wrongdoing, but that doesn’t excuse what he did. He is also trying to keep his reputation as an actor intact. The man thinks because he has a fanbase (from his Glee days) that he will be forgiven.

Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that. Melissa is a much bigger name than him and is therefore, more respected. She is also not someone who makes fake allegations to make herself look better. Just watching her video a year ago you could tell how honest she was being. She has permanent damage to one of her eyes (where Blake Jenner threw his iPhone at her face) as proof.

Melissa knows her worth and doesn’t need to create a scandal. Blake Jenner needs to sit down and really think about how this situation is going to affect his career and the way people view him as a person.

Not to mention, why the HELL does Blake Jenner release a statement just WEEKS after Melissa gives birth to her first child with husband Chris Wood? Who does that?


We will always love and respect Melissa for being authentic and true to who she is. Her voice is powerful and we stand with her in saying, enough is enough. No person should be left to feel like their partner doesn’t value them. Blake Jenner was petty and jealous of his ex-wife’s success and newfound happiness to release his statement now. He is a piece of filth who should just shut down his social media accounts.

Blake Jenner is a liar who claimed in his statement that Melissa was aggressive to his female co-stars and that she isolated him from his friends. A former fan of his put together this Twitter thread as proof of his lies. He has a lot of nerve to say these things. He has no conscience!

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