Titans: Sister Troubles


Having Blackfire in custody is not good.

Alien sisters, Starfire and Blackfire, are as different as they come. One is for good, the other not so much. Having the Queen of Tamaran locked up is NOT a good idea. Nope. Zero. Zilch. As Kory so rightly says, Komind’r is unpredictable.

Kory still cares for Komind’r, after all, they will always be sisters. However, they have a troubled past as Blackfire never felt the same love from their parents. Koriand’r was the well-behaved one, while her sister lashed out.

When the time was right and Starfire was off-world hunting Rachel, Blackfire When Kory is off-world trying to murder Rachel, Blackfire kills their parents and takes the throne for herself. Moreover, this would not be an ideal way to drum up support.

Blackfire believes that what she is doing is the right thing. In her mind, her parents were weak. After all, they favoured Koriand’r. By acting out, she genuinely thought she would get the attention she deserved. While there is nothing wrong with sibling rivalry, it is not okay to carry over the resentment into adulthood.

To allow something like this to fester, it’s only going to make it worse in the long run. Also, does no one feel sorry for poor Gar who was knocked out and locked in

In conclusion, Blackfire’s messy situation is not the only thing going on. Kory comes close to killing Gar because of her sister. She proceeds to lock him in the back of her car, which she cannot remember when she comes out of her trance.

Meanwhile, Conner blames himself for Hank’s explosive death. When Gar attempts to help him, he lashes out at him. So much for friendship.

Also, Bruce calls it quits as Batman and tells Dick to be better than he is.

What makes it all the more tragic is Dawn leaves to grieve her boyfriend’s demise.

Finally, Rachel is still on Themsyscira, trying to bring Donna back from the dead. Let’s say that the Titans are more divided right now than they are together. They need a miracle.

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