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Black Widow: Trailer Breakdown

In our last post, we included the recently released Black Widow trailer. Now, we’re here to break it down!


[Credit: Marvel Studios]

The first image we see in the Black Widow trailer is Budapest! We’re finally seeing freaking Budapest!

Looking In A Mirror

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Here we see Nat looking in a mirror. This could a metaphor for her feelings. We know she’ll be dealing with a lot of stuff like what happened during Civil War and things that happened before that. One example will be her being forced to relive her past as she went through the Red Room program.

We then see flashbacks from previous MCU films, namingly Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Endgame. We also see the likes of Nat’s BFF, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Nat’s voiceover says:

I used to have nothing. And then I got this job. This family.

These are cobbled together lines from Avengers: Endgame and maybe one or two other films. We can’t remember off the top of our heads.

Firing Range

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Now, this image we think if all new and not from any kind of flashback. We’ve been watching all the MCU films in order and we’ve never seen this one. So, it looks new. Feel free to tell us if it’s not new.

The final line of the first part of the trailer is:

Nothing lasts forever.

This line of dialogue could mean virtually anything, but if we had to guess, it might be referencing Natasha’s death in Avengers: Endgame. It makes perfect sense if it is that.

Nat Exits a Train

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Next we see a station and Nat getting off a train. We also hear a male voice say:

I heard you had to leave in a hurry.”

This is possibly Rick Mason, a guy Nat has history with and is possibly romantically interested in her. As for what he means by this, it might mean she had to leave Russia in hurry or she had to leave Germany in a rush after what happen between the Avengers in Civil War. However, it’s also likely that it’s actually Thunderbolt Ross talking given that he appears in the trailer.

Also, with the events of Black Widow taking place after Civil War, Nat’s on the run and the American government want her captured and the Red Room Program wants her gone.

“It’s Never Easy These Days.”

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Next we see a convoy of cars moving out. Are they tracking Nat or does it have something to do with Taskmaster?

Thunderbolt Ross

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Now, we have to know, is this Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross? He looks to have been aged down for this film. Maybe he was given where Black Widow sits in the MCU timeline. He could be doing anything here. Though, it looks like he could have a major to play in this movie.

The Life Of A Spy Includes Fake IDs

When you’re a spy, you need to have multiple cover stories. Well, we see in the Black Widow trailer that Nat has a pocket full of fake IDs. We wouldn’t be surprised if one of the IDs was for ‘Natalie Rushman’ the persona Nat used when she was introduced to the MCU in Iron Man 2.

The Past Is In the Past

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

The stand out line of dialogue in this scene is:

I’m done running from my past.

We can just see this line becoming a fan favourite. Given the reaction Twitter, it already is. Now, we see Nat with her gun drawn and entering a house which becomes prominent in the last part of the trailer.

Good To See You Too, Sis – Meet Yelena

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

We hear a Russian voice call out to Nat as she snoops around. A Blonde woman appears with her own gun drawn. Her name isn’t mentioned, but it’s Yelena Belova who is like a sister to Nat. They then fight. The fight sequence is the same one that was shown at D23 earlier in the year. Perhaps, Yelena was the inspiration for Nat dying her hair blonde after Civil War.

“What brings you Home?”

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

In the same scene, Yelena asks Nat why she came home. Now, the comics say that Yelena and Natasha were close. Though the animated series Avengers Assembled the pair are at each other’s throats. Hopefully, they’ll explain why Nat went blonde in Infinity War.

Bike Chase

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Here we have Nat and Yelena on a motorbike. However, they’re targeted by a guy with a bow. This isn’t Clint. We’ll take about that in a moment.

“We Have Unfinished Business.”

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

It’s unclear who Nat is talking to here. She could be talking to Yelena or Thunderbolt Ross. The suit she’s wearing could be before her time as a SHIELD Agent. It’s been said that there’s flashbacks to Nat’s past in the film. So, we’ll she events from different periods of her life.

Nat Saves A Life

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Here we have Nat and Yelena climbing a structure with Nat saving another Widow from falling. If we had to guess, it might be Melina, her mentor.

“We Have To Go Back To Where It Started.”

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Here we have Nat hanging from a tether outside a Helicopter before she drops down into a post that is reminisce of the same pose from Iron Man 2. This is also the first time in the Black Widow trailer we see Nat’s white suit.

Red Room

[Credit: Marvel Studio]

The Red Room has been prominent in Nat’s backstory throughout the MCU and we’ve seen snippets of it, but we’ve never actually seen the organisation in full force. We also know that the Red Room Program and HYDRA were operating at the same time.

The Red Room was defuncted by the 1990s while HYDRA’s fate is currently unknown.


[Credit: Marvel Studios]

The villain for the film will be Taskmaster. Little fun fact: Black Widow is not the first time the villain has appeared in a MCU-related project. Taskmaster appeared in the non-canon videogame, Captain America: The Winter Soldier as an adversary to Steve Rogers/Captain America. However, Black Widow is the first time is the first canon appearance of the character in the MCU.

Also, the bow he wields in this scene gives us Hawkeye vibes.


[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Here we’re introduced to Melina Vostokoff, the character played by Rachel Weisz. Melina is likely to be like a mother-figure to Natasha and Yelena as she is a lot older than them or she could be like a big sister to them. She’s been through the Red Room five times and is also known as Black Widow, like Nat and Yelena.


[Credit: Marvel Studios]

We also meet Alexei aka the Red Guardian. Alexei is the Russian version of Steve Rogers’s version of Captain America. Similar to Steve, Alexei was given a version of the Super Soldier serum. However, unlike Steve, Alexei didn’t almost plummet to his death and remain in the ice for almost 70 years.

In the comics, Alexei has a long complicated relationship with Natasha. Not to mention, they were married at one point.

Apparently, the MCU’s version of Alexei has a complex relationship with Nat but it’s unclear for now if they were married like their comic counterparts. Though, judging by a later scene in the trailer, he is considered to be family by Nat, Melina and Yelena.

Here, he breaks out of prison.


[Credit: Marvel Studios]

What’s going to be great about Black Widow is the sense of family Nat feels when she’s with Melina, Yelena and Alexei. Sure, the Avengers are her family in Endgame but her Russian family is just as important to her.

Also, in the scene prior to this one we see Alexei flexing and we all of his tattoos. We even see him try on his Red Guardian outfit where he gleefully exclaims that it still fits. This adds to what Melina says about him getting fat and he just takes it in stride.

Red Guardian VS. Taskmaster

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

One of the most epic fight scenes we’re going to see is Red Guardian go up against Taskmaster.

There is also a scene where Nat is free falling as she evades Taskmaster’s men and Yelena fires a missile launcher.

All in all, Black Widow is going to be an awesome film and we can’t wait to see it in May 2020.

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