Who The HELL Cares What Gifts Archie Got For His Birthday?!

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Archie is going to grow a spoilt child if his parents are going to constantly highlight what his birthday gifts were…

Archie Mountbatten-Windsor has only just turned two and his parents released on the Archewell website a photo of him which has people, understandably, up in arms. But, it gets worst. The Daily Star as reported on the birthday gifts he received.

Okay, first off. Who the hell cares? Outside of Meghan’s rich friends and the Sussex Squad, no one is going to buy whatever he got. Knowing his mother as people do, he probably got a designer outfit and really expensive toys. Also, the Archewell website says they want people to donate $5 in Archie’s honour for Vaccine Equity. While this is great if he were an adult, he doesn’t know what ‘Vaccine Equity’ is.

It also being reported that Harry and Meghan wrote a ‘poem’ and made the card themselves. While the card we get, what is with them and poems suddenly? Markle’s literary debut, The Bench started out as a poem she wrote for her husband’s first father’s day supposedly.

You don’t see the Cambridges doing this for their children’s birthdays. While it’s a nice thing to do, but why not donate to a children’s charity? This is yet another form of wokeness from the Sussexes which they’ve tried to cover up by saying it’s in the name of their firstborn. Archie is not going to remember any of this. Also, by the time he’s old enough to understand, the pandemic will be well and truly over. Unless Harry and Meghan are raising him to be a woke child who questions everything that is ‘unjustified’, then why do we have to know any of this? All people want is to see is his face the way we see his cousins. Is that so hard to ask?

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