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Bill Steps Up For Hope

Bill Spencer; Flo; Quinn

There’s no denying that “Dollar Bill” Spencer can be paternal when he wants to be. He has three sons to three different women and has married Katie multiple times. Though, he loves his family and will seek revenge on anyone who does them harm.

In recent weeks, he’s helped Hope and Liam settle into life with Beth. Bill even asked Justin to help his former daughter-in-law rid herself of her forced marriage to Thomas. It shows how much of a changed man the media mogul has become. We need to ask when did Dollar Bill become a fan of Hope.

Loyalty to Family, Not Just Steffy

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We all know how Bill has a devotion to Steffy. He helped her snag Liam more than once and slept with her.

In Bill’s eyes, no one messes with his clan. After being told that Beth was alive, he couldn’t wait to meet her. He takes Katie and Will with him and buys the little girl a massive teddy bear, much to Liam’s dismay.

The brothers have a go at their father for his massive gift and call out his obsession. He denies it but admits defeat when Will mentions his abandoned skyscraper, Sky.

Beth Should’ve Been With Her Parents!

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 Bill tells Wyatt and Justin he demands everyone involved in the baby swap to pay. We understand his perspective as his firstborn was robbed of his second child and his marriage fell apart.

He might’ve loathed Hope before, but he feels sympathetic towards her because of Beth. She’s tied to Liam because they have a child together. The old Bill Spencer would’ve gotten rid of her somehow. This’d lead to another marriage to Steffy and the endless cycle of bed jumping.

The Spencer patriarch tells Justin and Wyatt that his granddaughter should never have been taken from her mother. He says everyone else has paid for their crimes except Thomas. In his eyes, the Forrester heir is a carbon copy of his old man [Ridge].

We don’t blame him. His son’s life got destroyed because of one guy’s out-of-control gambling debts. If we were Bill Spencer, we’d plot revenge!

Since When Does Bill Spencer Adore Hope?

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Longtime fans of The Bold and the Beautiful know Bill cannot stand Hope. We can’t forget he’s been married to her aunt Katie. He became her stepdad when he was with Brooke. He has said the youngest Logan woman isn’t right for Liam and joined Steffy in her plot to marry his son.

Bill wants to build better relationships with his boys. He cannot stand Quinn, he’s returned to Katie and Kelly, Liam’s mother is dead.

It’s no secret Katie adores her niece. If Bill wants a relationship with her, he needs to accept Hope is with Liam and a Logan. What’s surprising about all of this is the idea that he has accepted her as the love of Liam’s life and as Beth’s mother.

Bill’s gone after Steffy, knowing she was married. Anyway, his sudden will to help Hope get Thomas out of her life is something we never thought would happen.

Will Bill Spencer Get Revenge for Beth?

Baby Beth
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Being the guy that loves getting back at his rivals, Spencer vents to Justin and Wyatt that Buckingham and everyone involved need to pay. They wronged his son and granddaughter and they deserve time in prison.

After meeting the former Phoebe for the first time, Bill instantly fell in love with the little girl and vowed revenge on her kidnappers. When Thomas ended up in the hospital after getting knocked off a cliff, the Spencer Publications boss cheered, despite the grim outcome. 

As stated before, no one messes with the Spencer family. This means Hope is still a Spencer, despite no longer being married to Liam. She’s also the mother to Bill’s youngest granddaughter so that automatically makes her family.

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