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The Bold And The Beautiful: Bill Tries To Cover Up Liam’s Involvement In The Hit And Run That Kills Vinny

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Bill is one protective papa to the point he will cover up a hit and run for his boys…

Liam just hit Vinny with his father’s car and Bill tries to cover it up to protect him. As much as we love the ‘new’ and ‘improved’ Spencer patriarch, he’s gone too far to hide the truth. When the druggie’s body is found, it’s going to look like murder in the eyes of Lieutenant Baker and Detective Sanchez. The pair will start digging into the guy’s past and associates especially since he was let out on bail for his role in the paternity switch drama. So much for the whodunnit situation.

Vinny’s history with the Forresters is one that will be on record. He was willing to cover up his own crime by lying to the one person who knows him well is put those around him in the firing line. The rest of Thomas’ family will all have motives for Walker’s death too, especially Hope who happens to be Douglas’ adoptive mother and Liam, who was a potential father for his ex-wife’s unborn child.

Back To Liam And Bill…

Going back to the scene of the crime, Liam passes out in shock after telling his father about who Vinny is in his life. That is mistake number one. Never tell Dollar Bill anything that he use as a weapon. After getting his son back to the car, the protective papa goes back to Vinny’s body, pulls out his phone. He crushes it under the wheel of the vehicle. He then throws it off a cliff face so it can’t be found.

Liam stirs from passing out just as a dad returns to the car. He then asks about Vinny. Bill tells him the guy is dead. His son splutters that they need to go back for his body or something.

Bill says if they do that then the police will suspect him of murdering him because he hates the guy and has motive to do so. When questioned, he says he is protecting his son and his future by covering up their involvement in Vinny’s death.

Liam stammers that him hitting and killing Vinny was an accident while Bill says that’s not what the police will think. The Spencer son says he doesn’t care and they have to do something about it but his father stops him.

Hope To Identify The Body

We know from spoilers that Hope is called to the hospital to identify the body. While we think this is odd given she barely knows the guy, it’s still something she has to do. At the same time, her lunch date with Liam doesn’t happen given he doesn’t show. Little does she realise he’s covering up for what his father told him to do the night before.

Also, Liam goes missing so is there something else going on here? We’re about to find out…

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