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The Bold And The Beautiful: Shauna Tries To Be The Bigger Person

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After everything that happened with Beth, Shauna is trying to be the bigger person, but will Quinn convince her to expose Brooke for kissing Bill?

Shauna Fulton is a lot of things, but she’s trying to make up for her part in the Baby Beth Kidnapping scheme. In today’s episode, Quinn tries to convince her BFF to use the footage she shot of Bill and Brooke kissing to snag Ridge for herself. In an attempt to be the bigger person, Flo’s mother deletes the footage. Unbeknownst to her, Eric’s scheming wife sends a copy of the video to herself before it gets erased.

Is Quinn so desperate to be Forrester Matriarch and dispose of Brooke that she is willing to go behind her best friend’s back? All will be revealed in due time.

Quinn Drones On About Brooke Isn’t The Forrester Matriarch

She might be married to Eric, but we’ve stated numerous times before that Quinn is NOT the Forrester Matriarch. The title is handed down to someone who is worthy. Yes, Stephanie hated Brooke for many years, but she would have destroyed Eric’s current wife.

Quinn arrived on the scene in 2013 while Stephanie died in 2012 the year before a certain jewellery designer showed up in Los Angeles. She never knew the true Forrester Matriarch. If anything, she would have bowed down to her.

The tabloids might not do anyone in the Forrester family justice, so Quinn is deluding herself when she said that Brooke wants her gone and the portrait of Stephanie back up on the wall. She even had the nerve to get offended when this was suggested for Pam and Charlie’s wedding that didn’t end up happening.

It’s Just A Portrait!

bigger person
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Like the canvas that is hanging up in Steffy’s house of her and Liam, the portrait of Quinn hanging over the fireplace at the Forrester Mansion, is meant to show devotion to the spouse of the patriarch. Well, the painting is ugly. Stephanie’s was better.

Having a painting up of Quinn gives her the ammunition she needs to flaunt her power. It’s basically her saying, “Look at me! I married Eric Forrester and no one else can!” When she and Eric got together, they did it in secret until everyone found out about it. Steffy also slapped her to the ground and told her to stay away from her grandfather.

Just the thought of having her beloved portrait being taken down irks Quinn! However, she has made exceptions. When Nicole Avant married Eric’s grandson, Zende, a portrait of Maya’s sister is placed above the mantle just for the day. Then there was the whole the thing where Shelia daydreamed being Eric’s wife. That one, however, doesn’t count.

If Quinn were the bigger person in this situation, she wouldn’t make it a big deal when Brooke said her image needs to come off the wall. Sure, the current matriarch has done a load of bad things over the years, but she’s never tried to kill anyone.

Quinn has and she’s always been written off as misunderstood while Brooke is see as the bad guy. Not only is this unfair, it also shows that the current Mrs Eric Forrester sees the Logans as beneath her. However, she forgets her previous crimes and that her precious future daughter-in-law, Florence is a Logan.

Could Being The Bigger Person Be Shauna’s Saving Grace?

Shauna; bigger person
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Say what you want about Shauna but she had a point when she said she didn’t condone Brooke kissing Bill, but she couldn’t judge because she’d kissed Ridge. This makes her the bigger person. Sure, Ridge’s main squeeze hates her and her daughter for what happened with Beth keeping quiet, but Katie and Donna have forgiven Flo.

Sure, Brooke holds a grudge, but Shauna doesn’t want to join Quinn in her plan to destroy Bridge’s marriage. But, it looks like she’s going to be dragged into it, regardless as she was one who filmed the video. It will make Brooke think she wants Ridge when she actually secret does.

While Shauna is in love with Ridge, she doesn’t want to wreck his marriage and sees how much he adores Brooke. Quinn’s goal is for her bestie to have a Forrester man so they can be related by marriage. If she wants that, why doesn’t she trick Thorne into coming home and her BFF can hook up with him? Or Rick even! He’s single now that he’s divorced Maya. Though, Brooke wouldn’t pleased about that.

Take A Cold Hard Look At Yourself, Quinn!

Quinn has certainly changed since her days of being obsessed with Liam and Ridge and whoever else stands in her way. Or has she? She says she’s not the same person she was, but Brooke was right when she said she was very good at hiding who she was. However, her latest obsession is keeping her portrait above the mantle.

If you look at Brooke, she doesn’t care about some god awful painting. She knows the spot belongs to one woman: Stephanie, a woman who actually left a mark on her family. One of her granddaughters was named after her and so was her great-grandson.

Quinn, on the other hand, is only concerned about status and having her portrait in the Forrester Mansion is her way of projecting that. This goes to show what an arrogant and self-righteous person she is. If she thinks Brooke sharing a kiss with Bill was bad, she should look at her own crimes.

Like Brooke and Taylor, Quinn’s criminal record is huge. She’s knocked Ivy off a bridge in Paris. She kidnapped Liam and developed an obsession with him. Then there was the hookup with Ridge that Brooke discovered in Australia. Basically, Quinn hates everyone, especially the Logans. If anything, she and Taylor agree on a lot when it comes to Brooke.

Stop Meddling When Everything Is Fine!

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Quinn is no different to Taylor! She wasn’t around when Ridge and Brooke got together. She also wasn’t entrusted by a dying Stephanie to be the Forrester Matriarch. No one knows that family quite like Brooke and Quinn knows it! She’s always been jealous of the close bond Eric shares with his ex-wife. Now that the romantic feelings have subsided, he sees her as another daughter alongside her sisters. Of course, Mrs Forrester has never understood this. She just thinks they’re sluts from the valley as Stephanie use to call Brooke when she was alive.

Not only is this insanely wrong, she should look at her own life. Before her life in LA and being married to Eric, she was a struggling jewellery designer in Las Vegas raising a son whose father’s identity was a secret to everyone, especially to Shauna. Since becoming involved with the Forresters, all Quinn has done is meddle in her son’s life. She became so obsessed with Hope, that she plotted for her son to marry her and she served as the whole reason the young Logan went to Milan after she miscarried Wyatt’s child.

Yes, Brooke has meddled in the lives of her children, but she became the bigger person. How? Well, she offers advice and only gets involved when things begin getting dangerous like the whole Thomas obsession thing. Quinn meddles in her son’s life because she doesn’t like the current status quo.

Sure, she doesn’t like Brooke but she shouldn’t mess with something that is none of her business. Again, Brooke has done this, but she has had a reason to do it. Quinn only wants to shape lives to the way she wants them to be. A bit like Thomas if you think about it.

Finally, Get Off Your High Horse!

Nothing says a woman scorned more like Quinn Fuller Forrester! Sure Shauna did something terrible in keeping the secret about Beth, but she’s trying to be a bigger person which is something Quinn would never do. Seeing Ridge upset and being with Brooke hurts her and so it should. She caused some of his pain when his wife was mourning the loss of her granddaughter.

Quinn thinks she’s better than the rest of the families connected to the Forresters. She doesn’t give a damn about anyone else so it’s no wonder no one wanted her to marry Eric. They knew what a troublemaker she was and boycotted the wedding, hoping it would get called off.

How anyone can tolerate her after everything that has happened with her is a miracle. Sure, they say ‘oh we don’t hold grudges’ but there are those who hold them. Quinn and Thomas are two excellent examples. Both hate Brooke and see her as the interloper who has ruined lives. They see themselves at the top of the Forrester pecking order when it’s clear they aren’t.

Thomas will never be at the time given all the crap he’s pulled though his father keeps forgiving him so anything’s possible. Quinn needs to be pulled down a peg or twenty.

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