Joe Biden And Running Mate Kamala Harris Are About To Conquer The White House!


You can almost hear the victorious cries of relief from Sydney, Australia as Joe Biden supporters celebrate…

The Presidential election is over until 2024 and former Vice President Joe Biden has secured a victory over Donald Trump to become the 46th POTUS. The last four years have been hard to watch, but having difficult to watch as seeds were sown against whoever challenged him as per Pedestrian TV. However, he has failed to corrupt a large portion of the American people.

Biden won not just the college votes that got him elected but the popular vote too by a staggering four million votes. The people knew that they needed a president who understood them. Someone who could relate to them and help them through the tough times they are currently facing with the coronavirus.

We’ve already underlined our delight at Trump’s little tantrums that he was losing. He’s an even bigger sore loser than we could’ve anticipated. Anyway, back onto the whole reason we’re here; the Biden-Harris victory.

Having Joe and Kamala in the White House is not only an amazing achievement, but a massive milestone. Let’s jump into how their win is historical.

Kamala Harris: The First Female Vice President

[Credit: Times of India]

Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris is a woman who has defied so much in her life. Whenever she was told she wasn’t ready for something, she has always defied the odds. Now, she is proving her worth by becoming the first woman to ever sit in the position of Vice President. While there have been others, she is the only one who has succeeded.

That’s not all. Kamala is the first woman of colour to enter the White House in such a high position. She is also the first VP to be of Asian descent and African-American descent. Not to mention, her husband, Doug Emhoff will be the first ever Second Gentleman of the United States.

It has been reported that she and Biden were once at each other’s throats over a vast array of issues. However, they were able to overcome their differences over one common dominator; the late Beau Biden.

Harris had worked with Beau a few times over the years and she respected him to the point that his father wanted to honour his late son and asked Kamala to be his running mate. She agreed and how we have the team we have together.

The Alliance Between Two Former Political Adversaries

[Credit: Scroll.in]

As we stated before, Biden and Harris were once adversaries before being reunited through a mutual respect for Beau. This make up shows that they became the bigger people in their situation and overcame their differences to form a team that had one goal; get Donald Trump out of office and to unify the nation in a time where he is tearing down people instead of pulling them to their feet.

Having watched various videos on Joe and Kamala in the last few months, we can a safely say that America will be in very good hands. We also applaud the President-elect and the VP-elect for putting aside their difference for a greater purpose. We’ve come to admire them greatly and we wish them the best of luck.

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