Supergirl: Are Kara And Lena Back To Being BFFs?


The Supergirl season finale has aired and we had to wonder. Did Kara and Lena become BFFs again?

As Season 5 of Supergirl comes to a close, we were greeted with yet another finale that didn’t end the way it was intended. Thanks so much, Coronavirus. Anyway, we needed to ask whether Lena and Kara became BBFs again. Did this happen? Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss right now.

Please bear in mind that this article will contain spoilers.

Tensions Run High Between Former BFFs

For a year, Kara and Lena have been estranged and it has been awkward seeing them interact given the relationship between them going down the road of enemies like Lex and Clark. However, the former BFFs are more hostile to each other and attempt keep away from each other as much as possible.

We learn in the 100th episode, that the Supercorp BFFs was officially over as Kara realised after a load of trial and error that no matter how many ways she tried to fix her friendship with Lena, she would just continue hating her. In the end, she gave up on trying to salvage their relationship.

In the end, Kara tells Lena that if she wants to be seen as a villain then she will treat her like one. A while later, the pair come close to repairing their friendship but this not something Lex wants and he causes it to derail.

Lena Realises Her Mistakes

We’ve also spoken about how Lena realised her mistakes. Okay, well, as of this episode which picks up straight after the previous one, Kara isn’t thrilled to see her but listens to what she has to say. The oddest part was when J’onn, M’Gann, Alex and Nia break down her door when they get a ‘911’ text.

Later in the episode, Lena is forced to listen to Kara as she vents her own feelings of betrayal. As the audience, we know she was remorseful from pretty much the second she chose to keep her super identity from Lena. She didn’t do it out of spite and Lex’s sister should know that by now.

Has Kara forgiven Lena entirely? No, she hasn’t and their friendship isn’t going to be the same as it once was. There’s always going to be a trust issue there and for a good reason.

Where Does Lena And Kara’s Relationship Go From Here?

It’s hard to say how Lena and Kara’s friendship goes forward now given everything that has happened. They might remain allies but they’ll never be as close as they were.

Lena was always the one who thought the worst of her BFF. One betrayal is all it takes for her to turn on her. While it’s understandable why she would want the world to be truthful, it is not okay for her to think that a secret like Kara’s is worth getting upset about. If anything, she should be thankful that she was told at all. She also used her friend to get what herself wanted. Then there’s the whole Myriad thing and Lex’s manipulations.

Ow! Our brains hurt!

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