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The Bold And The Beautiful: At Least Hope Knew Who Beth’s Father Was

Beth's Father; hidden; repeat

Okay, there’s a load of Steffy fans out there who call Hope a ‘slut’ but is she really? At least she didn’t have to question who Beth’s father was while her stepsister has to with both Kelly and her new baby…

If there’s one thing we hate, it’s Steffy fans calling Hope a ‘slut’. How is she when she didn’t have to question who Beth’s father was? The stans of the Forrester heiress simply love to compare Ms Logan with her mother, Brooke who has slept with almost every man in Los Angeles when they don’t look at the facts and the history.

Hope is NOT Brooke. Not even close. She also didn’t ‘steal’ Liam from Steffy. If anything, it is the other way around. Now, why we’re even taking sides is just stupid. The point is, some fans are utterly infuriating at times. Anyway, let’s get into the main reason for the post.

Beth’s Father Was Always Going To Be Liam

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Okay, we’re tired of having to say this, but it has to be said. Beth’s father was always going to be Liam. There is no denying that. Steffy, however, had a hard time coming to terms with the idea that Kelly might not be his. She always has to get in first.

If she wanted to be the first woman to have Liam’s child and she got that. However, she says she never stopped loving him and vice versa and it ended up with them getting wasted and we don’t think we need to elaborate further. This is the the second time.

The first time, which was around time Kelly was conceived, Steffy slept with Bill which raised questions to the baby’s paternity. This lead to Liam leaving her as he saw it as a massive betrayal.

Hope is not Steffy or her mother. She doesn’t go around sleeping with two men around the same time and then ends up pregnant. Beth’s father was never in question. This makes her mother very different to her half-sister’s mother.

Remember the time when Brooke didn’t know who Bridget’s father was? Yeah, it was a bit before our time too but we know the story. She’d slept with both Ridge and Eric and ended up pregnant. After a test was done, Bridget ended up being Eric’s daughter. The same keeps happening with Steffy.

Liam And Steffy Just Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

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Liam and Steffy just can’t away from each other. We’ve spoken about this multiple times. This one is our favourite. Do we think they should get back together? Sure, why the hell not? They’re always confessing their love for each other. It’s clear Hope and Finn were just rebounds because they couldn’t have each other.

Yes, The Bold and the Beautiful is only a television show for schmucks who want to see repeat storylines. Sure, we could consider ourselves to be just that, a schmuck. But there’s nothing better than watching a car wreck going in slow motion.

We adore Jacqueline and Scott and their performances but their characters are just doing what Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke did all those years ago. There’s no doubt in our minds that in years to come, this will be the same story Beth and Kelly will tell. They fight over one dude for years. Let’s pray to god that doesn’t happen because there’s going to be a load of pissed off fans if it does.

Liam and Steffy deserve each other and we’re aware we sound like a broken record. If they want to be together, they should be. The writers need to stop – and that’s basically an order from the fans – beating around the bush. It’s tiresome and Hope needs a man who is not going to do the dirty on her. No, we don’t want her with Thomas.

Finn is going to want out of his relationship with his potential baby mama. Perhaps, he could be a replacement for Liam. He’s not going to do the dirty with someone else.

Why Hope Is NOT Like Steffy

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Hope has introduced into the show to be the polar opposite to on-off stepsister, Steffy. She values the relationships she has with men while her rival doesn’t.

If they’re male and not related to Steffy, the heiress will sleep with them. It is almost like she’s plotted her life’s course; to undermine Hope with her sexuality. Of course, this is nothing new. Their mothers did it all the time in their heyday.

Before Hope married the first time, she wanted to keep her virginity for her husband. Fair enough, right? However, Steffy mocked this and used her sexual prowess to steal away her stepsister’s men. She even tried to take Jackie M’s husband, Owen but he rejected her. As did Oliver.

Also, Hope would never use people to get what she wants. That’s not who she is. We’ve made it quite plain that she is not Brooke in the slightest. Yes, they’re both blonde but that doesn’t mean anything. Donna is too and people don’t target her.

She has the biggest heart and yes, she is a pushover of sorts, but who can blame her for wanting to see the best in people? Unlike Steffy, she has only slept with two guys; Wyatt and Liam. Her stepsister has done the dirty with half a dozen men, at least.

Hope Doesn’t Manipulate People But She Will Expose Them

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Unlike Steffy, Hope doesn’t manipulate people, but she will expose them if she has to. Remember what happened when Thomas plotted for a second time to make her love him? He proposed to Zoe and made her unwitting pawn in his plan.

Hope realises something is not right and recruits Liam and Steffy to help her expose Thomas… at his own wedding. She walks down the aisle with Douglas, making Thomas think she actually wanted to marry him. She saw her chance and exposed him.

Not to mention, Zoe was in on the plan too as she had come to see that Thomas didn’t love her. You can’t force feelings on someone who isn’t going to return them.

Hope played Thomas’s game before throwing the whole thing back at him. That’s not manipulation. It’s strategic planning to get people to see that someone is not who they think they are.

Hope And Finn’s Reactions To Steffy And Liam’s Affair And The Pending Baby

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Finn is a good guy with a big heart which could rival Hope’s. He is head-over-heels for Steffy but all his feelings may turn to anger when learns of her one-night-stand with her ex-husband.

Liam has come so close to telling Hope, but if Soap Dirt is right, next week could see everything get blown out into the open and Steffy and Liam might not need to confess at all. Depending on what happens, there’s going to be broken hearts, but there might be sense for joy but also confusion as a paternity test will need to be performed to determine who the father of the baby is.

If Steffy does resort to extreme tactics to keep the one night stand a secret, it won’t remain that way. It’s a soap opera. Nothing stays secret for long. Hope is going to be insanely hurt and may stop Liam from seeing Beth. This would make him realise even more how he screwed up.

Finn isn’t going to want anything to do with Steffy if the baby isn’t his. He’ll probably put Liam on blast too. Ooh! We’re rubbing our hands together for that.

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