Meghan Markle’s Children’s Book ‘The Bench’ Fails To Hit The Amazon Bestseller List On Release Day


Sorry, Meghan, but your book, The Bench is a huge flop!

With the birth of baby daughter Lili, Meghan Markle should be on cloud nine right now. But, she’s in for a world of hurt (and probably a few tantrums) with the news that her debut children’s book, ‘The Bench’ has failed to reach the Top 200 on Amazon’s bestseller list, according to The Daily Mail. Her sister-in-law, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge’s photography book, ‘Hold Still’ was an instant hit when it was released.

The reviews for the book have utterly scathing though, the book has risen through the ranks of the bestseller list on the day after the release. It has also been failing in sales as well, according to Also, there seems to be a secret jab at Meghan and Harry’s nephew, Prince George in ‘The Bench’. YouTuber According to Taz posted this to Twitter:

[Credit: @superscuba83 – Twitter]

Now, we know how much Meghan allegedly hates the Cambridge children. She allegedly recorded them and was caught. Then there were the rumours going around that she was cruel to Princess Charlotte at the bridesmaid fittings.

For those don’t know, Prince George does Ballet as a hobby and his parents are very supportive of this. So… does Meghan hate the idea of a little boy dancing and making it evident in her rubbish children’s book? Who the hell writes, “You’ll love him, you’ll listen, you’ll be his supporter.”? This is something a therapist would tell a patient. Does this mean that Meghan is now aiming to be the mother of the year by telling parents that little boys shouldn’t be dancing? She’s not a therapist and shouldn’t be treated like one. Also, what right does she have to tell parents (which is this book is designed for, not children) how to support their children’s hobbies? She doesn’t.

The So-Called Feminist

Didn’t Meghan make the claim she ‘single-handedly’ got a sexist ad fixed when she was a child? So, why is sexism in her children’s book? Oh, right. She apparently doesn’t care about the ambitions of boys and only cares about the girls of the world. We know that sounds horrible, but the way Markle goes on about women having voices makes us think she doesn’t care about the opposite sex? Yes, a lot of careers out there are still very male oriented but to have a voice doesn’t mean silencing someone else who is speak louder than you do.

Going back to ‘The Bench’, the reason the book isn’t selling is because it’s full of word salad. People have woken up to her over saturated speeches that make no sense expect to the woke crowd and of course, the Sussex Squad. A Feminist accepts everyone regardless, of their interests. Meghan’s attempts to write a children’s book was always going be a misfire. The reason for this is quite simple and it has nothing to do with how people feel about her.

Meghan does not understand children. Sure, when she wrote the book she had Archie, but that doesn’t mean she understands him. A child should be allowed to run outside and get dirty, make mistakes and it shouldn’t matter on the gender. However, it has been rumoured that when Princess Charlotte showed up at the bridesmaid dress fittings a little bit dirty as she had just been picked up from school where kids and MM didn’t like it. There has also been speculation that Meghan didn’t like the idea of the Cambridge kids being allowed to play outside. Though, visiting a childcare centre to plant flowers would seem hypocritical of Meghan.

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