Why People Are Not Believing Anything That Comes Out Of Meghan Markle’s Mouth When They Believed Princess Diana

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To believe is to be enthralled in the narrative. When it comes to Meghan Markle, very few people believe her struggles while they did with Princess Diana and the claims she made about her failing marriage to Prince Charles…

Princess Diana was what most would think of as an English Rose. Meghan Markle is a wilted Californian Poppy. The Duchess of Sussex thinks of herself as a saint or rather, a new and improved Princess of Wales. It is just a pity that her sister-in-law, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge will someday occupy that title. Kate will excel at it as she does with everything she has been doing thus far. The former actress has made some believe she is the patron saint of the late Princess’s legacy.

Meghan does not hold a candle to Diana or Catherine. She thinks that kindness and compassion means using people to get what she wants. Sorry, but the reason the Princess of Wales became so beloved is because of how she helped the world understand what being a royal was actually like. She did not stab the royal family in the back. She respected The Queen. Her only qualm was with Charles.

However, Meghan believes the whole royal family is ruining her life and it is her personal mission to bring them down. What Markle doesn’t realise is that her lies are catching up with her. Her Little Miss Innocent routine is not doing her any favours. She talks a big game when it comes to standing up and defending what is right and empowering women. The former actress is not doing that at all. If anything she is silencing the victims of bullying by having them allegedly sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. That way, she cannot be held accountable for anything which is not fair.

Diana Spent Time With People Got To Know Them

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People believe what Diana had to say when she was alive because she got to know people. She would hug those less fortunate and she would get to understand their situation. Meghan doesn’t do this. She just shows up to an event for a photo opportunity before jumping on a gas guzzling private jet ten minutes later.

The Princess of Wales taught her sons how to communicate with the less fortunate and while William does this, Harry has lost his ability to be humble. People use to love him. Meghan has made him lose his mojo and the lack of understanding of what his mother taught him. His excuse for his terrible behaviour is his need to protect his family from the same fate Diana suffered.

Diana loved people and when you type her name in the Google, you see a load of images from events she attended that were either formal or charity based. You can see the pride she had in the work she’d done regarding making the underprivileged’s lives better. One of the most touching photos out there is one of her surrounded by children with one sitting in her lap.

All these kids had AIDS/HIV. All the Princess of Wales saw was innocent children who could not help their situation. She would’ve done her research into the diseases to learn that they were not contagious. This is what sparked her nickname ‘The People’s Princess’. Unfortunately, this is not what Meghan is about.

Creepy Copycat With A God Complex

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In Andrew Morton’s book, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, he spoke to people who knew the Duchess of Sussex during her childhood and teenage years. The mother of one of the women he spoke to said that she herself was a fan of Diana and had recorded Diana and Charles’ wedding on VHS which she showed to her daughter and Markle years later.

Ninaki Priddy, the ghosted best friend of thirty years revealed that she [Meghan] had the Diana biography written by Morton on her bookshelf. She also mentioned how Markle cried during Diana’s funeral possession. However, this is not the tale spun during the engagement and Oprah interviews.

Meghan comes across as dishonest, claiming she had never looked up her husband or his family online. Her flying monkey minion, Omid Scobie mentioned in the Finding Freedom biography he co-wrote that she had in fact, Googled Harry.

Also, Meghan has a creepy, over-the-top obsession with Diana and her fashion choices. All the times she has gone out in public dressed like the mother-in-law, she never knew is enough to raise the hair on the back of one’s neck. From what her alleged victims of bullying have said, she belittles her target to the point they quit their jobs. Then, there’s the story that we uncovered thanks to a user on Twitter who found a Tumblr post regarding how little Princess Charlotte got treated during the bridesmaid dress fittings.

Meghan wants everyone to believe she is the new Princess Diana – as Ninaki Priddy has stated – but she is nothing of the sort. Her bad behaviour is the reason people don’t believe her the way they did her late mother-in-law. She also has a history of lying. For example, there has been speculation that she had fabricated her religion and ethnicity several times.

Diana Would Be Appalled That Meghan Is Obsessed With Her And Has Used Her Death To Restrain Harry And Turn Him Against His Family

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Believe it as she might, Meghan will never be Diana in any way, shape, or form. She does not possess a single shred of compassion. The Princess of Wales would never bully staff nor would she complain if her ideas weren’t accepted. If anything, she would be appalled at the type of woman Markle is. No way would she allow Harry to become entrenched with someone who only ever wanted fame.

If Diana were alive today, Harry would’ve listened to his mother’s advice. William tried to do a similar thing, as did Tom Inskip. Both attempts failed as the prince did not want to believe that the woman of his dreams didn’t have pure intentions. Also, he called his brother a ‘snob’… for looking out for him?

Diana had every belief that her boys would be fine and that their wives would be respectful of the family they married into. While Catherine is the very embodiment of what it takes to be a royal wife, Meghan does not possess the same oomph. Basically, she doesn’t fit in and she’s taking it out on everyone else because she could not be bothered in trying to do the work.

Had the Princess of Wales lived to the modern day, she would be appalled at what has been going on between her sons. She would not have allowed them to become as estranged as they have and she definitely would by no means accept Meghan’s cruelty towards everyone who has attempted to help her adjust. If anything, she would likely try to take her under her wing and teach her. Though, if MM had her way, she would probably try to manipulate her MIL into favouriting her over Catherine. We very much doubt it would work.

Meghan In The Oprah Interview V. Diana In The Panorama Interview

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Going back to the reason this post exists, Diana was believed because of all the good she had done in the world. Also, the way she spoke was very sincere. She also never hesitated when answering what was asked of her. Meghan, on the other hand took a few seconds too long to answer questions.

It should noted also that much of what Meghan spoke about was easily debunkable by doing a thorough Google search. With Diana, the internet was a relatively new concept at the time she did her interview with Panorama. Back then, not much was known about the royal family outside of biographies and interviews.

Meghan’s core belief is that people will see her as being like Diana where she is vulnerable to the press and could suffer the same fate. However, the world is so much smarter than she gives us all credit for. Using the power of research, we discover the truth and unveil that she is nothing more than a liar who wants revenge on the royal family for not giving in to her demands.

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