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Belated Father’s Day Brunch At Pancakes On The Rocks… Did The Hashbrowns Live Up To The Hype?


Father’s Day has come and gone, but does a belated brunch at Pancakes on the Rocks with hashbrowns count?

This year’s father’s day didn’t turn out in the way we wanted. Pancakes on the Rocks was the original plan but because it was busy on the day in question, we went today… three weeks later. So, what happened when tried the hashbrowns?

As it was a Sunday, the place was packed but not the same as it was on Father’s Day. We were taken to a booth where dad and the sister sat on one side and we sat on the other. Pretty great to have one side of a booth to ourselves, right? Despite the coffee going cold quickly, we thought it was going okay. That is, until the food arrived…

We couldn’t believe how much food there was! Too much for the three of us to eat and we LOVE food! The pancakes were so thick the sister looked at it and said “I should’ve gotten a stack of two.” It was surprising dad couldn’t eat all of his Pancakes Up North. 

Our brunch was The Dawn which had scrambled eggs, bacon, pineapple and a very interesting hashbrown. When we saw the meals containing hashbrowns, we were like “Cool, looks good!” Boy, were we wrong!

The scrambled eggs were dry and not as good as dad’s. As much as we adore bacon, there was too much of it. There was nothing wrong with the pineapple while the hashbrown was watery. We love hashbrowns but the one we had wasn’t very nice. It was basically fried cut up potato smashed together. 

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