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The Bold And The Beautiful: Quinn Blames Brooke And Paris For Her Own Affair!


Quinn has the nerve to blame Brooke and Paris…

Sorry, Quinn but you have no right to blame Brooke and Paris for something you did. Doing a vow renewal ceremony doesn’t erase what you did. Watching today’s episode for The Bold and the Beautiful feels us with so much glee. Wyatt’s mother has done so many bad deeds over the years that it’s been just head-smacking to watching. She cannot take 100% accountability for her actions and takes it out on those around her.

We mentioned last week that Brooke busts Quinn by telling Eric about the affair thanks to Paris finally coming clean to someone. Thank god she did because Eric would’ve found ut much later and it would’ve sucked big time if it had dragged on.

Quinn brought the whole thing on herself. We knew she was going to blame Brooke and Paris. All she does is blame others for something she has done. We know it’s just a predictable television show but we don’t care. It’s fun to watch a slow-moving trainwreck. It’s beautiful! Anyway, Eric is obviously not happy that his wife was unfaithful. He says that he defended her to the people, especially his family time and time again because he loved her.

Shauna suggests that everyone leave so that Quinn and Eric can talk. The Forrester patriarch then questions the people present as to what they knew. He targets Wyatt and Flo first and they said they had no idea. Shauna instantly comes clean and says she covered for her friend.

Quinn continues to shriek that Brooke and Paris are to blame and blah, blah, blah for ruining the ceremony. Eric cuts her off and says, it has nothing to do with them as they are guests. What wasn’t said by him is that they were just protecting him from someone as scheming and unfaithful as her.

How Will Carter’s Relationship With The Forresters And Zoe Be Affected?

Since Ridge and Brooke were both present at the ceremony, it’s hard to say how their relationships with Carter will continue going forward. Eric, however, might not be so forgiving. It’s obvious how hurt he is when the COO mentions he didn’t mean for the affair to happen. There was a spoiler put out last week that was for this week’s batch of episodes that Eric puts in a request with the lawyer/COO/minster. Now, this could be anything, but we suspect it could be divorce papers. It could also be a conversation where Eric tells him, he’s fired from the company.

Or, he’s demoted for something. Though, the changes would have to go through Ridge and/or Steffy before anything can done as they are co-CEOs. Though, Eric owns the company so he might have more say over his son and granddaughter.

We know that Carter’s relationship with Zoe will end as Paris will tell her about the affair when she comes back to Los Angeles. The model will leave again but permanently, or at least, for the time being. The storyline is far from over as Quinn isn’t leaving the show and she will likely do anything to get back with Eric. Hopefully, he won’t take her back again. It’s obvious Wyatt was fuming as he knows how much his mother adores his stepfather.

If there’s one thing Wyatt won’t stand for, it’s his mother’s tomfoolery. Quinn is relentless as she does not think her plans through. When she tried to break up with Brooke and Ridge, she thought everybody would applaud and thank her. WRONG! Brooke has been a constant in the Forrester family for so much longer than Quinn has. She knows the ropes and despite her rivalry with the late Stephanie, she was entrusted with being its matriarch.

It’s Not About Being Above The Mantle

Quinn’s love of being the lady of the manor and therefore, having that stupid painting of her above the fireplace is just the power going to her head. We’ve all seen how dispised it is. Remember when Pam tried to remove it and have her later sister’s portrait put back up there? Yeah, that didn’t go down too well.

bigger person; blame
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Brooke has said numerous times over the years that Quinn doesn’t deserve to have her painting above the fireplace. That is where Stephanie’s painting should be. She was the true matriarch of the family and was far more respected then Quinn has ever dreamed of being. Her thoughts of grandeur are what blind her to the idea that people within Eric’s family, just don’t like her. They only tolerate her for Eric’s sake. Like we’ve said a billions before, the family were so against the union that they boycotted the wedding and only Ivy, Eric’s niece attended.

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