Batwoman: Jacob Files For Divorce And A Pennyworth Arrives In Gotham

Jacob; sidekick

It’s tough when your dad files from divorce from your stepmother who lied about the bone fragments that were found being your dead sister. Though, it’s even harder when your favourite cousin’s butler’s daughter arrives out of nowhere.

Kate’s life goes from bad to worse when Jacob files for divorce from her stepmother, Catherine after the stunt she pulled in faking Beth’s death years earlier. Not to mention, it becomes even more complicated when her ex-girlfriend Sophie tells her father that his daughter is Batwoman.

There was even a surprise dropped when a Pennyworth arrives in Gotham. No, we’re not talking about Alfred. It’s his daughter. Now, you’re probably thinking “wait, since when does Alfred have a daughter?” We never knew about her either until this episode.

Catherine Wanted Jacob To Forget Beth

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From the moment we meet the second of Jacob’s wives, we always knew something was off with her. We learned in the Pilot episode of the tragedy that befell Kate and Beth’s mother, Gabi. Batman tried to save her and his other cousin and failed.

However, Catherine Hamilton had other plans. She wanted Jacob to move on. She asked the medical examiner to fake the results on deer skull fragments to make it look like it was Beth. Kate never wanted to give up on her sister, but she didn’t have a choice.

Sometime later, Catherine got what she wanted; Jacob and married him, becoming Kate’s stepmother and the Bats’s cousin earned a stepsister in Mary, Hamilton’s daughter. What made this a massive stab to the gut for the Kane patriarch is his wife wanted him to move pass his grief of losing Gabi and Beth and was willing to decieve him to achieve that.

Even Mary, Catherine’s own daughter was appalled with her actions. The medical student said because of the divorce, she was losing Kate as her sister whom she had just started bonding with and her stepdad whom she was also close to.

Name’s Pennyworth, Julia Pennyworth

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At beginning of the episode we meet a woman who is linked to both Kate and Luke. We soon learn that the woman is Alfred Pennyworth, yes THAT Alfred’s daughter, Julia.

Like her father, Julia knows Bruce is Batman and that Kate is Batwoman. She’s even friends with Luke Fox, Kate’s tech guy and son of the late Lucius Fox. Very quickly we learn the younger Pennyworth has a romantic history with Kate after her breakup with Sophie and expulsion from military school.

Julia mentions an interesting piece of information about Bruce. According to her, there was only two people the Bat allowed himself to open up to completely. One was Lucius and the other was Alfred. This gives his secrecy trait a bit more context. Despite his closeness to Kate, he didn’t trust her enough to tell her he was Batman. It might have also had something to do with the fact she’s much younger than him and feared he would tell his Uncle Jacob.

Want did you think of Julia’s appearance? Did you know Alfred had a daughter? Do you think Jacob will go through with the divorce and will Mary forgive her mother? Let us know below and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @cjhawk93 for all the latest news from Project Fangirl.

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