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Batwoman: Is Ryan A Member Of The Justice League?

[CAUTION: This Post Is Spoilery For The Flash Armageddon, Part 3]

We’ve never been shy about how much we love Ryan Wilder as Batwoman. While she’s only new to the Arrowverse, she has recently appeared in The Flash Armageddon crossover event. In 2031, Ryan is seen at the engagement party of Eobard Thawne and Iris West. As weird that the little nugget of information was to swallow about Thawne and Iris, it was Wilder that we were more interested in talking about.

Given that Ryan was at the party in the future, we need to ask whether she will replace her predecessor, Kate Kane, on the Justice League. Now, we do need to stress that the group is not officially dubbed the Justice League. It’s the Crisis team, meaning those who survived Crisis on Infinite Earths and became paragons. However, given that Batwoman’s seat is still at the table, does this mean that Ryan could, in the future, fill that seat?

Ryan And Her Association With The Crisis Team

So far, Ryan has not interacted with the Crisis team in the present day. However, this is likely to change next in Armageddon, Part 4. We know, judging by the synopsis, that she will pop up and suit up in the conflict against Despero. However, where does this put her after the event ends?

Given her being the future engagement party, Ryan becomes close to, at least Iris. Something horrible would’ve had to happen for Bat Lady to despise Barry. Given that Batwoman was interacting with Allegra Garcia, Ryan Choi, Alex Danvers, Cecile Horton, and Chester P. Runk. Also, why in hell’s name would she see Eobard as a good guy? Doesn’t she listen to what anyone tells her about the guy?

Reverse Flash Wants The High Life

However, the whole Armageddon situation was Thawne’s creation to get what he wants, which is Barry’s life. By driving the Flash mad, his family starts losing faith in him. Therefore, this would lead to Iris divorcing her husband. Meanwhile, years down the line, Eobard swoops in and marry her. Remind you of anyone? *cough* Eddie *cough*.

The promo for Part 4 has Barry confront Thawne for meddling with his life and causing him to go crazy. Eobard will have another mission; turn Team Flash and their allies against their leader. Ultimately, this includes Ryan [Wilder], Alex, and Ryan [Choi].

Eobard loves tormenting Barry. After all, he killed his mother, and he’s tried to kill him, who knows how many times. Furthermore, by turning his friends and family against him, it would be the ultimate victory. Ryan Wilder could be easily persuaded to side with Thawn depending on what happens, and Armageddon is stopped.

Will Ryan Be Open To Joining The League?

To conclude, Ryan may be open to joining the League if Barry ever gets his head right. Since the group is dwelling on members since Jefferson retired, Kate left to find her cousin, and the original Sara Lance is dead. Also, only Barry, Kara, Clark, and J’onn are still active.

Sure Ryan isn’t a paragon, but it shouldn’t matter. If the group is to be active in the future, they need recruits. Also, if Wilder does become a member, it would give her a chance to escape the chaos of Gotham and befriend new people outside of Mary, Luke, and Sophie. Finally, it presents her opportunities to explore what it means to be a hero.

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