Batwoman: Sophie Discovers Ryan Is Batwoman By Accident


Sophie makes the discovery that frenemy Ryan is in fact Kate’s successor as Batwoman…

Sophie and Ryan have a long, complicated history but in recent episodes, they’ve become almost friends despite the horrid nickname ‘Crowphie’ from Wilder. However, the decorated Crows agent makes a surprise discovery that she definitely didn’t see coming.

The audience has known about Ryan being Batwoman for a while but most of the other characters outside of the Bat team have no idea. Until Sophie finds a recorded conversation between Wilder and tech guy, Luke Fox which shocks her. Now, all this comes at the end of the episode so we won’t know what’s going on until next episode.

It’s unlikely that Sophie will tell Jacob Kane about her discovery. Also, it anyone catch that Moore finding out about about Wilder’s secret identity was actually much sooner than it was with Kate?

Now, we’ll have to wait to see what Ryan’s reaction is to Sophie’s discovery. She might tell her to mind her own business. Or, she could do something totally unexpected and accept that she knows that she’s Kate’s successor as Batwoman. Going back to Jacob for a moment, and we know that he has come around to the idea that his daughter had taken up a mantle similar to her cousin, Bruce Wayne.

Also, Ryan (as Batwoman) saved him from the False Face Society which is the reason he has become so tolerate. It appears he has learned his lesson. He almost killed his own daughter when he ordered his Crows to ambush her. After Kate disappeared, he learned the truth that she was Batwoman. He also regrets a lot of stuff regarding what happened when his legally surviving child was in Gotham.

Finally, whether Sophie will confront Ryan, Luke, and/or Mary about this latest discovery is yet to be seen.

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