Meet Batwing! First Look At Camrus Johnson’s Luke Fox As He FINALLY Becomes An Official Member Of The Bat Family

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Look out Gotham because Batwing is about to arrive…

For almost two seasons of Batwoman, Luke Fox has been the loyal tech guy to both Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder. But, things about to take another turn as the Bat Team and family as a whole is about to get another member; Batwing. We reported a while ago that Camrus Johnson had been spotted around the Batwoman set in costume. Now, we have a proper look at the suit and it AMAZING!

Our feature picture is the suit in full while the image below is of Camrus (as Luke Fox) with the cowl in his hands:

[Credit: Variety]

We could not before excited to see Camrus (as Luke) suit up. According to the Batwoman Season 2 page on the Arrowverse, Luke will become Batwing in what we believe to be the Season 2 finale, entitled ‘Power’. Now, that is only a few weeks away.

This is will be the first time Batwing has appeared in a live-action format. The character has appeared in animation before, as evident in the animated film, Batman: Bad Blood. The Luke Fox iteration is the second version, having debuted in DC Comics in June 2013 in ‘Batwing #19’. The first was David Zavimbe whose first appearance in the comics was in May 2011 in Batman Incorporated #5.

What inspires Luke to become Batwing is anyone’s guess at the moment, but we think it might have to do with his near-death experience after he was shot by a corrupt Crows agent, Russell Tavaroff. In his coma, he sees his late father, Lucius, and Bruce Wayne (who is not dead) who tells him he has a choice to make.

We have to so many questions that we won’t ask right now. We’ll just have to wait until the debut of Luke’s Batwing to ask them.

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