Batwing Is Coming To Batwoman!


Luke Fox is about to become Batwing…

Look out Gotham City because there’s another Bat joining the Bat Team! Luke Fox is about to suit up as Batwing if Screen Rant is to be believed. In just the last few episodes, he’s been kissed by Stephanie Brown and he’s been shot. Season one also revealed some of his back story where we learn his father, Lucius was murdered. So, Kate Kane’s right-hand man is overdue for something else that is good in his life.

Now, we need to think; how does Luke become Batwing? Could it have something to do with is near death experience or does it have something to do with Kate’s return? Whatever the case is, it is going to be exciting to see how it all plays out.

When Luke become Batwing, it would be the first time the character as appeared in live-action after the Luke Fox version of the character makes his animated speaking debut in Batman: Bad Blood after almost losing his father, Lucius.

Having Luke become Batwing would be a great way to make him be Ryan’s version of Robin so to speak. We know a version of Robin exists since it was mentioned by Vesper Fairchild in Season 1. What’s more is it would be really nice to have another black superhero with in the Arrowverse who doesn’t have superpowers. We already have Beth Chapel in Stargirl but a black male hero is exactly what the franchise needs right now.

Finally, we’re not going to include the set photos because we need permission to use them. Also, we only post photos if they’re official when it comes to film and television. When the first official look comes out, we’ll be sure to provide an update for you. For now, though, we just need to be patient and wait.

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