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DC Fandome: The Batman To Show Bruce’s Early Struggles To Become A Hero


It’s DC Fandome weekend and we just watched The Batman panel as well as that trailer! Wow! However, we’re actually here to talk about the struggles Bruce will face in the early days of being the Dark Knight.

During The Batman Panel during DC Fandome, director and writer Matt Reeves revealed that Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne will face a load of struggles as he ventures into his second year as Batman.

Reeves revealed to host Aisha Tyler that Bruce will endure the people of Gotham being afraid of him as they’ve never experienced a vigilante taking down the bad guys before. However, he also stressed that many of the villains such as Selina Kyle and Oswald Cobblepot will not be the way we know them as they too are only just beginning their journeys.

To add to the struggles Bruce will face as in his second year, he will go up against villains who do stand in his way and will continue to haunt him as he processes into the Dark Knight we all know and love. Along the way, he will have Alfred as his guide along with James Gordon.

What should be interesting with the film is how everything comes together to create a new feel for the characters we love. Most Batman films have Bruce being the Dark Knight for a number of years. Moreover, seeing him totally new to his element will be an enriching experience for everyone who journeys to the cinema to watch it for the first time or as a long time fan.

Therefore, we believe in the vision Matt Reeves has for the film and we cannot wait for more details to come out about this thrill ride of a movie. Before we end the post, here’s a look at the first trailer:

[Credit: Movieclips Trailers – YouTube]

The Batman arrives in cinemas in 2021.

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