Batwoman: First Look At Javicia Leslie’s New Bat Suit

Bat suit

We’ve been waiting for a first look at the Ryan Wilder Bat suit. Yesterday, we got one…

Since it was announced that Javicia Leslie would become the new Batwoman, we’ve been wondering how the whole thing with the Bat suit was going to work. We got a brief look at how the Ruby Rose/Kate Kane cowl and wig would appear on the latest Bat lady (see featured image).

However, it was said that Javicia would get her own unique Bat suit, if her first tease Instagram post was anything to by. Now, we actually have what’s going to look like, thanks to the power of social media:

[Credit: @CWBatwoman – Twitter]

Talk about unique! The new (and improved) Bat suit has the same styling as Ruby’s but it shows more of the red highlights. The gauntlets look super awesome but that hair with with the red tips just screams amazingness at us!

When Javicia teased that she would be getting her own Bat suit, she wasn’t kidding. We are so glad they released the images when they did because with the season premiere in January, it was getting a little lonely without any content to talk about.

How Does The New Bat Suit Differ From The Original?

It might not look any different to Kate’s Bat suit on first glance, but there are differences. Also, we’re not talking about the hair.

The red stands out much more and it looks like that the Bat emblem on the chest is much bigger than before. The material the whole suit is made from looks different. Also, the new belt sits around her waist while Kate’s one sat at an angle as there was nothing holding to the fabric.

Ruby Rose’s Bat suit looked like it was made from the same material the current Supergirl suit is. That’s cool as it added a futuristic feel but the new one feels more Earth bound given that Crisis on Infinite Earths has come and gone.

Our Verdict

We love the new Bat suit. But we love the hair as it’s unique to who Javicia/Ryan is. It doesn’t scream ‘successor to Ruby/Kate’. It says that there is a new Batwoman in Gotham and she’s here to say.

What we’re excited for the most is seeing the first scene of Javicia in the new suit. It’s going to be emotional to watch or just really cool. We’re not sure yet. There is no doubt in our minds that she is going to crush it as Ryan.

She. Is. Batwoman.

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