DC Fandome: Titans To FINALLY Introduce Barbara Gordon, Red Hood, And Surprisingly… Scarecrow?

Barbara Gordon

It’s been known for a while that Barbara Gordon would be arriving in Titans Season 3, but we did not expect Red Hood and Scarecrow.

You cannot have any Titans related project without Barbara Gordon showing up at some point. Well, the Titans DC Fandome panel officially announced that Oracle herself would be arriving in Gotham City. However, she will not be alone as she will be accompanied by Red Hood and Scarecrow.

Welcome To Gotham, Commissioner Babs

According to Deadline, Barbara Gordon’s appearance will be reoccurring and that’s not all. She will be Police Commissioner. Just announcement takes us back to the Lego Batman movie where she replaced her father, Jim when he retired and she was forced to team up with Batman to deal with Joker.

Since she’s obviously an adult in the series, she will be Oracle by the time we see her. Barbara Gordon was given a shout out in the Titans Season 1 finale when Jason arrives at Dick’s house in a wheelchair in an alternate future where he tells his adoptive brother that Barbara was missing.

There has been no mention of her since. So, why now? Also, what is her relationship with Dick going to be like? Were they together at any point?

Red Hood

Going onto Red Hood, it’s impossible to predict how he’s going to show up. The reason for this is because the last time we saw him, he quit the Titans and went off on his own.

There might be a time jump of some description where he died and then was resurrected. Since Titans doesn’t keep to the comics, it’s possible that Jason might not even die. He could just take on the Red Hood mantle without having to be reanimated.

It’s also possible that his involvement with Rose corrupts him to the point of no return.


We’ve had inklings to Barbara Gordon and Red Hood would appear in Titans, but we never thought we’d see Batman villain Scarecrow pop up. However, what is the reason Doctor Jonathan Crane shows up? Could it have something to do with Jason becoming Red Hood? Is this why Barbara comes into the story? It’s going be intriguing to see how they do it.

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