Harry IS Bambi!


We all know that Meghan loves using Disney as a scapegoat. She describes herself as Ariel the Little Mermaid. Essentially, she’s a Disney Princess. The Duchess of Montecito appeared on the Ellen Show to speak about parenthood. Before we start, we’ve seen comments talking about how cringeworthy it was. Anyway, Markle says that Lilibet was dressed as the skunk Flower from Bambi for Halloween.

Now, if this were any other parent with a baby daughter, it would be cute. But, this is Meghan and Harry. Nothing they do is without definition. Look at how they named Archewell after their son. Let us explain.

The Plot Of Bambi And Relating To Harry

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Bambi was released in 1942 by the Walt Disney Company and told the story of a young fawn whose mother is murdered by a hunter. During his journey to find his father, Bambi befriends a rabbit named Thumper and a skunk named Flower and other animals.

Years after his mother’s death, Bambi grows into a young stag and falls in love with Faline, a female fawn from his youth. They later have twins with Bambi becoming the Great Prince of the Forest, succeeding his father in role.

Jumping over to how Bambi relates to the Sussexes, it’s quite clear that Harry is the titular Bambi in this scenario. Princess Diana is Bambi’s mother while the Great Prince is Prince Charles. Archie and Lili fall into two sets of characters; Thumper and Flower and Bambi and Faline’s twins,

Now, we have to point something else out. Flower is not a girl skunk, but a boy. Don’t believe us? Here’s a screenshot from the Flower page of the Disney Fandom site for reference.


According to the trivia section of the Flower page, he is often mistaken for a girl because of his high voice and appearance. Now, we’re not implying anything here. We’re just pointing out two facts on the character. If Meghan was such a Disney fan, she would’ve known Flower is a boy. Especially since at the end of the film with Flower and the other skunk and the baby they have.

Anyway, Harry is Bambi because he lost his mother at a young age. In his mind, the media were hunting Diana and then killed her and therefore, Meghan is in the same vote. Could she be classed as another version of Bambi’s mother?

Great Prince of the Forest

Since William doesn’t exist in this situation, Harry sees himself as the Great Prince of the Forest which is what Bambi becomes at the end of the film. Meghan (Faline) is his queen while Archie and Lili (Bambi and Faline’s twins) are their heirs. The forest equals America where Harry feels he is its king in which he feels important.

What’s more, is Lili’s name (taken from Lilibet, the Queen’s deeply personal nickname) which is a version of ‘Lily’ is a type of flower. Also, “Flower” is what Doria calls Meghan. There is no way that Lili allegedly being dressed as Flower for Halloween was a coincidence. It’s just surprising that Archie didn’t get dressed up like Thumper.

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