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The Bold And The Beautiful: Looks Like Liam Is The Father Of Steffy’s Child – Is There Going To Be The Paternity Swap?

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Steffy gets bad news regarding her paternity results – Liam is the father of her unborn baby… or is he?

It’s bad news all around on next week’s The Bold and the Beautiful. We finally get an answer to the paternity mystery regarding Steffy’s unborn baby – it’s Liam’s. We suspected this the whole time. However, we still think that the results were switched so the true father is Finn. It can’t be that easy… can it?

No storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful is ever simple. We know Vinny said that if Steffy’s baby is Liam’s it would give Thomas another chance with Hope. If this isn’t enough, the writers have always been pro-Steam. They want Bill’s son to always have a link to his obsessive ex-wife while having him claim to love his life with Hope.

The constant bad news for Hope is beginning to grate on our nerves. She can never be happy when her so-called ‘devoted’ husband keeps running to his ex when something goes wrong.

If Liam was loyal, he would have gone home to question his wife about her ‘involvement’ with Thomas. Not go running to Steffy and then end up drinking and having sex with her. This just shows what a hypocrite he is. Why Forrester and Logan would love a man who jumps between them is just laughable!

How The Bad News Affects Hope

We know how devastated Hope is to find out that her so-called husband cheated on her after he thought she did the dirty with Thomas. From what Soap Dirt has alleged, She collapses in grief.

Photos posted various social medias account including @hopebethspencer on Instagram:

[Credit: Instagram – @hopebethspencer]

Note the screenshot in the Instagram post above, the bad news is going to hit her for six. However, we suspect as do a lot of people that the results were switched to get Hope back with Thomas. Why the hell would this happen when he’s now in a really good place?!

Fans are really digging the new Thomas. He’s wise and doesn’t want to get involved with something that doesn’t concern him. We also know that Vinny (if he is the person who switches the results – if it happens) just wants his best friend happy. While this is good and all, does he not think about how this could affect Steffy? She wants her child to be Finn’s so badly and usually she gets her wish. However, this is going to destroy her too but we suspect it won’t.

Steffy’s one weakness has always been Liam. Part of her may want Finn as the father of her baby but deep down, she wants her ex-husband back. Why else hasn’t she taken that photo done off the wall? Note, it’s NOT for Kelly’s sake!

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