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The Bold And The Beautiful: Zoe’s Bad Blood With Paris Is Selfish

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The sudden bad blood between Buckingham sisters, Zoe and Paris stem from one’s jealousy and selfishness…

Zoe Buckingham is selfish. There is no denying that and that’s what we’re here to discuss. However, before we begin we need to stress that because we live in Australia so we watch the fast-tracked episodes which are those aired overnight in America. Yesterday’s viewing some got in the States didn’t end up on 10Play for some reason and we think it might have to do with the news coverage of the riots in the Capitol building. So, going back to The Bold and the Beautiful, the bad blood between Reese’s daughters stems back to one wanting what she cannot have.

Since her arrival in Los Angeles, Zoe has caused bad blood with virtually everyone. She joined her father in keeping the secret about Beth quiet. Essentially, she created an enemy out of Liam, Hope, Steffy, and their families. They eventually forgave her and we could go on. Anyway, how her sister is in town and while she should be thrilled, she’s not and fears her chance with Zende will be taken away if Paris stays in town.

Ordering her sister to turn down Carter and Ridge’s job offer, Zoe is being selfish. She’s engaged to a great guy but she wants someone else. She cannot have both. This is what irks us about her. Being a top Forrester model, she thinks that she has the right to boss someone around – regardless if it’s her own flesh and blood. How would she feel if Maya returned and tried to take back her spot? We can guarantee that it would not go down very well.

How Did This Bad Blood Even Begin?

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We need to ask ourselves, faithful viewers, how this bad blood even started and whose fault it is. The situation could’ve been avoided if Zoe wasn’t flirting with Zende while she was dating Carter. Paris didn’t swoop in to ‘steal her spare man’. If we’re honesty, what’s happening here is what is always engrained with the Hope/Liam/Steffy situation. Spencer is always with one of the women but doesn’t like when the other tries to move on as he’d prefer to have a spare around as as rebound.

The same can be said for Zoe. She’s hoping that her relationship with Carter fails so she can have Zende which is why she wants her sister out of the picture. She’s jealous. That’s all to see here.

Paris has done nothing wrong. All she wants is to succeed in her quest to help people. Getting the job at the Forrester Foundation would take her a long way. Carter knows it. So does Ridge. Even Zende said it. He could even see that Zoe wants her sister out of the way. It doesn’t take a genius.

Zoe Needs To Back Off!

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Zoe might deny that there’s bad blood between her and Paris but it’s clear she’s the only one who has an issue with her sister working at Forrester. Ridge, Carter, and Zende are all for it and good on them. Also, she shouldn’t be telling the youngest Buckingham what she can and cannot do.

It is Paris’ life and if she wants to work for the Forrester Foundation, let her do it. Zoe, needs to realise that she does not have a say over who Zende gets to be with or how her little sister runs her existence.

We hope for god that Carter drops Zoe when he realises that she wants Zende and is telling her sister what she can and can’t do. As he mentioned today, his own brother, Marcus annoys the absolute crap out of him, but he still misses him.

Just to clarify for all those new fans, Marcus has been seen before but hasn’t been on the show in several years. He was adopted by Carter’s parents when he was a baby and arrived in Los Angeles looking for biological parents. His discovery lead him to learn his parents are Donna Logan, Brooke’s sister and Justin Barber, Bill’s lackey/BFF. He has a daughter, Rosie with Amber Moore and is married to Dayzee Leigh who hasn’t been seen since he left the show.

Zoe can defend herself all she wants, but it’s only a matter of time before Carter realises the obvious. We feel so sorry for the poor guy. He got the dream girl and yet, she’s pining over his best friend.

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